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List of 20 news stories.

  • AP Scholar Awards Announced

    August 21, 2019

    The AP Scholar Awards are academic distinctions for students to cite among their credentials on applications and résumés; however, students do not receive any monetary award from the College Board. In addition to the AP Scholar levels, Wesleyan also had 89 percent of the AP Capstone class receive some level of recognition. Annually, around 22 percent earn AP Scholar recognition world-wide. In 2019, Wesleyan is proud to announce that 45 percent of our AP students earned AP Scholar recognition at some level, including 5 who earned National AP Scholar recognition. See below for students who received recognition:
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  • Brooke Dant '12

    Alumni Art On Display In Fine Arts Building

    August 19, 2019

    Wesleyan’s 1st annual Alumni Art Exhibition is now on view in the Fine Arts building lobby and upstairs foyer. Artwork will be on display now through Labor Day. Come take a peek at what our talented alumni artists have been up to!

    Artwork from: Angela Whited ’09, Brooke Walton Dant ’12, Caroline Jordan ’12, Hannah Ghafary ’15, Sheridan Davenport ’16, Martin He ’16, Emily Sabonis-Chafee ’17, Olivia Curran ’19, Hannah Hufham ’19, Matthew Stainback ’19
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  • Coach Wolf Named State Strength Coach of the Year

    Congratulations to Dustin Wolf who was named the 2019 State High School Strength Coach of the Year by the National High School Strength Coaches Association (NHSSCA). This award is given annually to a High School Strength and Conditioning Coach in recognition of his or her coaching achievements and passion for the profession.
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  • Honors Geometry Students Construct Multi-Purpose Math Project

    May 21, 2019

    Teachers, Deborah Brown and Corrie Nash created a project their honors geometry classes where they build an object using food containers that can be donated.  Students created models of cars, buildings and animals and then calculated the surface area and volume. Shortly following the completion of the project the food items were then donated to the Norcross Co-Op! Their creations are pictured on the right.
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  • Senior Matthew Plunk Featured For Children's Healthcare Internship

    May 21, 2019

    As the school year is wrapping up and Wesleyan students begin looking for summer jobs, senior Matthew Plunk received an opportunity to work in a paid internship at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's Marcus Autism Center. For more detail - watch the Fox 5 News special here.
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  • Third Grade Student, Harrison Moore, Wins Lower School Geography Bee

    May 14, 2019

    Can you identify the location of Andorra, Burkina Faso, and Armenia? That’s exactly what third-grade student, Harrison Moore, had to accomplish to become the winner of the Lower School Geography Bee! Harrison progressed through many rounds of competition and ultimately was crowned the champion! Congratulations to Harrison on his hard work at the Geography Bee this year!
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  • Three Wesleyan Freshman Awarded Presidential Service Award Through Young Men's Service League

    May 14, 2019

    Three Wesleyan freshman, Griffin Caldwell, Aidan Staley, and Henry Moore earned the Presidential Service Award for serving their community with over 50 hours this year. This award includes a signed letter from the President. All hours were served with the John's Creek chapter of Young Men’s Service League.
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  • Wesleyan Students Garner State and National Recognition

    May 14, 2019

    On Monday, May 6, twenty-four eighth grade students were recognized by National Language Organizations for their performances on the National French Examination or le Grand Concours, the National Latin Examination, the National Spanish Examination, and FLAG’s Spanish Essay Contest.

    In French, the honorees were Douglas Cavin, Caroline Scott, Claire Wyatt, Will Milam, Muhan Zhao, and Ainsley Kane.

    In Latin, the award winners were Brendan and Kate O’Shields, Jake Rodenhiser, Miles Cleveland, Philip Burns, Steven Guyer, Will Tucker, and Joseph Laurite.

    The American Teachers of Spanish and FLAG honored Jasmine Bono, Jackson Murphy, Parker Tidwell, Kendall Bowen, Sophia Shaffer, Caitlin Bridgers, Amanda Mola, Kevin Andrews, and Luke Marshall.

    These students received medals, certificates, and gift cards depending on their award placement.
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  • 9th Grade Student Raises Money For Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

    May 10, 2019

    Earlier this spring, 9th grade student Channing Stall was nominated to participate in the Student of the Year program, a leadership development and philanthropy program run by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) which partners with high school students across the country in their efforts to fundraise for blood cancer research, patients and their families. Through hard work and creative fundraising, Stall was able to raise over $64,000 during a seven-week period for LLS, with all the proceeds going towards the fight against cancer.
    To raise the money, Stall used a variety of different outreach strategies. First, she worked with friends to write letters and emails which were then sent to their friends and family. Second, with her lacrosse team, she put together a lacrosse clinic for the Lady Wolves feeder lacrosse team to help their lacrosse skills while also advocating and teaching the team about LLS. Finally, Stall reached out to local corporations to set up meetings with them to talk about possible sponsorships for her campaign.
    Stall said, “My motivation was that I really love to volunteer in my community, but through this campaign I was able to know exactly where the raised money was going to. The Student of the Year program has an opportunity that if you raise $50,000 in the seven-week campaign, you can link the money to a specific research portfolio and be updated about advancements and listen into conference calls.” For Stall, the research portfolio ended up being Pediatric and Young Adult Blood Cancers.
    To learn more about the Student of the Year series – visit their website here https://www.studentseries.org/national-capital-area/article/about-student-of-the-year .
    Please join us in congratulating Channing Stall in her efforts!
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  • Visual Art Collaborative Piece Debuted at the Final All-School Chapel of the Year

    May 9, 2019

    Our Fine Arts Team debuted a visual art collaborative piece at the final all-school chapel of the year that demonstrated how we each have a mark in His Kingdom.

    To symbolize how God has given us all gifts to use, middle and high school students printed their unique fingerprints on the letters. Lower school students painted a large collaborative piece during their Lower School Fine Arts Day, that was used as the background for the letters. Each student added marks, dots, and circles on the paper until it created a big garden of flowers.

    The entire piece will be displayed it in the Dubose Lobby and has the unique expressions of people aged 5-70, all under His kingdom, and blessed by the Wesleyan community.
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  • Senior Will Rainwater’s Photographic Designwork Selected for Exhibition and Won Top Awards in The National Center for Civil Human Rights “Awoken” Art Showcase

    May 8, 2019

    Senior Will Rainwater’s photographic designwork exploring masculinity has been selected for exhibition and won top awards in The National Center for Civil Human Rights “Awoken” art showcase. The Showcase will have a reception open to the public on May 10th @ 6:30 PM at the Center. Will will be speaking about his concept.

    You can RSVP at the following link - https://www.civilandhumanrights.org/event/awoken-19/
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  • Wesleyan School Earns Jostens National Yearbook Design Recognition

    May 7, 2019

    Wesleyan's 2018 yearbook has been recognized for excellence and featured in the 2019 Jostens Look Book, celebrating the best-of-the-best in yearbook design and coverage. The Jostens Look Book is a collection of spreads and photos from outstanding yearbooks and their creative themes, cool covers, beautiful designs, relevant coverage, meaningful storytelling and stunning photography. Along with design excellence, the annually published Look Book honors the important role well-crafted yearbooks play in helping schools chronicle the experiences, stories and achievements most relevant to students and that academic year.

    Our yearbook was one of only 387 yearbooks selected from over 2,000 yearbooks submitted. The 2019 panel of judges, comprised of nationally recognized scholastic journalism professionals and award-winning yearbook advisers, selected the best examples of yearbook spreads and covers to make up the 320-page 2019 Look Book.

    "The Jostens Look Book showcases the hard work and dedication of students who tell the story of the school year through photos and words. It is their collaboration and communication, as well as creative thinking in challenging situations, that results in the fine designs shown in this book," said Sara Sausker, Senior Manager of Customer Experience. "We are very proud to celebrate the ability of this country's future leaders and communicators by showcasing their sophisticated designs and photography."
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  • Alumni Sheridan Davenport wins 2nd in Kennesaw State’s National Conference of Undergraduate Research Competition

    April 17th, 2019

    Sheridan Davenport ’16, who attends Xavier College majoring in Graphic Design, presented and exhibited work in Kennesaw State’s National Conference of Undergraduate Research. The forum held their first art competition this year, and Sheridan won 2nd place for her print entitled “Her Double Consciousness", and is now a part of the KSU gallery collection. For more information visit https://ncur.kennesaw.edu/.

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  • Photography Students Win Top Awards in Georgia Photography Awards and Exhibition

    April 16th, 2019

    Congratulations, photographers! Maddie Parsonnet (10th) and Stevie Crawford (12th) were both honored with top awards in this year’s annual Georgia Photography Awards and Exhibition hosted by Pace Academy. Maddie won 1st place for her photo entitled “Hidden Identity”, and Stevie won 3rd place for his work entitled “30 exposures”.

    Maddie Parsonnet - "Hidden Identity"

    Stevie Crawford - "30 exposures"

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  • High School Students Use History Project to Learn Life Skills

    April 11th, 2019

    In Ted Russell’s World History Honors class, students recently completed a project that will give them valuable life skills which go beyond the classroom. Russell organized a mock Job Fair that involved students impersonating a character from A & E’s 100 Most Influential People list, creating a modern resume for the character, and then doing a mock job interview with their peers.

    To learn a little bit more about the Job Fair, we asked Russell a few questions below:
    What was the inspiration behind having the students create a resume and do mock interviews?
    A & E came out with their list of the 100 Most Influential People over the past thousand years in 2000. For many years, I showed the students A & E’s video about each person on the list and had them take notes. In 2010, I created a project where the students drafted someone from the list, researched their person and gave an oral presentation where they defended why their person belonged on the list. It taught some valuable skills such as research, defending with evidence and giving a presentation, but I still wanted something more interactive. In 2013, the day before the State Championship volleyball game, our team did speed dating questions as a team bonding activity. It was a hit and the next day we upset Westminster to win the championship. That same week, I had been updating my own personal resume. The thought occurred to me that perhaps I could somehow combine the skills we were already teaching the students in this project with the creation of a resume and then somehow fit the fun of the speed dating concept into this project. The technological age has made face to face communication a lost art, so I felt it was important to find a way to expose the students to something different. That was how the Job Fair was born. Students research their person, determine what skills that person possessed, create a resume for a modern job and then interview for that job, assuming the identity of their person, with their classmates. There are so many valuable life skills taught in one project.   
    How do you relate the project back to what you're doing in the classroom?
    A large portion of the people included on this list show up in our curriculum throughout the year. In addition, this project hits on the many life skills we hope to teach students in the Social Sciences department such as research, critical thinking, persuasive writing and public speaking. It also teaches them how to make a good first impression and to be a good listener.
    What are the student reactions after having completed the project?
    They really enjoy assuming the persona of another person, dressing up, and learning how to make a resume and interview. They don’t say it, but I think the students enjoy acting professionally with one another. They really take it seriously and do a great job. It is something that former students are always excited to reminisce.
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  • Nolan Receives Georgia Institute of Technology’s Highest Scholarship Honor

    April 9, 2019

    The College Advising Office is pleased to announce that Jennifer Nolan has been awarded the prestigious Stamps President’s Scholarship at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Not only does the top-level scholarship cover the full cost of attendance, including tuition, housing, books, and supplies, but it carries additional benefits including priority housing, a stipend toward international academic experiences, and unique mentoring opportunities. Stamps President’s Scholars represent less than one percent of the freshmen applicant pool and are selected via a rigorous interview process. For the 2018-2019 school year, Georgia Tech selected 325 semifinalists from a pool of approximately 20,000 early action applicants and ultimately awarded the scholarship to 40 of those students, including Jennifer.
    Already named a National Merit Finalist and Wesleyan’s STAR student this year, Jennifer has made an undeniable impact at Wesleyan. She is a four-year member of Wesleyan’s state-champion softball team, the varsity track team, and Mock Trial. She is also a three-year member of Team Omicron and Wesleyan’s math team, and she serves as a peer leader for freshmen.
    Congratulations to Jennifer and her family for this latest honor and much deserved distinction as a Stamps President’s Scholar!
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  • Middle School Chorus Wins Top Honors at Southern Star Music Festival

    April 8th, 2019

    Over the weekend the middle school chorus had the opportunity to perform at the Southern Star Music Festival at Riverside Epicenter. A host of judges from colleges and high schools across the Southeast were in attendance and gave the Wesleyan chorus a gold rating across the board (top marks). A few of the judges remarked, “so many of you look like you are enjoying what you are singing” and “what a lovely sound”.

    At the end of the weekend, there was an awards ceremony at Six Flags Over Georgia where it was revealed that Wesleyan had won the Southern Star Sweepstakes, declaring the school the top middle school chorus of the competition.

    Meg Foster, Director of Fine Arts and Middle School Chorus teacher, said, “This group of students sings from the heart and is really versatile. They were able to perform a traditional song of worship, a spiritual, and an arrangement of a children’s play song with equal skill, style and energy. I’m really proud of them!”

    After the performance, the students had the chance to explore and enjoy Six Flags with their peers and a number of chaperones from the school. It was a fun and successful weekend for all involved!
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  • Wesleyan Artist Market Makes Connection With Wesleyan Missions Program

    April 4th, 2019

    Students returning from the Dominican Republic Makarios Mission Trip last week will receive a special treat at the 2019 Wesleyan Artist Market as former Wesleyan teacher and missionary Adrienne Christian will return from the Dominican Republic to sell the work of local artists from the Dominican Republic.

    While the students were in the Dominican Republic, they had the opportunity to play with kids, lead chapel services, help with art projects, and show the community the love of Jesus. With Christian bringing the local artwork to Atlanta, the Wesleyan community now has a chance to support their ministry.

    The proceeds from the artwork are way to support the artists and the Makarios' Family Empowerment Ministry. The artists are known as the 'Virtuous Women' - a group of women from Quisqueya, Dominican Republic where Adrienne has served. They make jewelry, crosses and coasters out of cereal boxes and magazines. The artists also make watercolor paintings, pop top earrings, and handbags/ baskets.

    We look forward to seeing you at the Wesleyan Artist Market from April 25th – 27th. For more information on the featured artists, visit the Wesleyan Artist Market social media pages for artist spotlights.

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  • Ben Smoke Awarded "Full-Ride" Chancellor's Scholarship to Texas Christian University

    April 3, 2019

    The College Advising Office is pleased to announce that Ben Smoke (’19) has been selected as a Chancellor’s Scholar at Texas Christian University, an honor that provides full tuition for his entire four years of undergraduate study at the university. The Chancellor’s Scholarship is the highest award available at Texas Christian University and carries a value of more than $197,000. In addition to the substantial financial support, Ben will also receive special opportunities to interact with the Chancellor and TCU faculty at various events and will be able to participate in a unique international experience. Beyond his strong academics, Ben has made his mark at Wesleyan as a three-year member of the marching band and track team, by serving on the leadership team for Wesleyan student-led worship, and as regular volunteer with Young Men’s Service League.
    Texas Christian University is a private university located in Fort Worth, Texas with an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 10,000. The competitive Chancellor’s Scholarship, which includes multiple rounds of committee review and on-campus interviews, is awarded to approximately 70 incoming freshmen each year.
    Congratulations to Ben and his family for this impressive honor!
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  • Mains, Sturtevant, and Yang Selected to Attend the Governor's Honors Program

    April 3, 2019
    The College Advising office is pleased to announce that Lindsey Mains (’20), Tyler Sturtevant (’20), and Andy Yang (’20) have been invited to study in the prestigious Georgia Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) at Berry College in Rome this June and July. The Governor’s Honors Program is significantly different from the typical high school program as it provides students with academic, cultural, and social enrichments, which will enable them “to become the next generation of global critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders.” Wesleyan was able to nominate five students to the program, and after a rigorous application and interview process, three of them were ultimately selected. GHP offers twelve majors that are characterized as either academic majors or performing arts majors. This summer, Lindsey will focus her study on communicative arts, Tyler on theatre, and Andy on mathematics.
    The Governor’s Honors Program is fully funded by the state with no cost to attendees beyond travel. Over 3,000 students were nominated to the state level competition and over 1,600 participated in this year’s state interview and/or audition process with approximately 650 ultimately chosen to attend, which represents one-fourth of 1% of eligible sophomores and juniors in the state.
    Please join us in congratulating Lindsey, Tyler, Andy, and their families for this outstanding opportunity.
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