College Advising

As a college prep school, we are confident that our students leave Wesleyan prepared for college. In turn, we want to help students find a college where they will leave prepared for the real-world. The excitement we feel over a child choosing Samford University is no different than the excitement we have over one that chooses University of Georgia, Yale, Davidson College, Georgia College, or University of Virginia. Our end goal is not a certain number of “highly ranked” schools or a certain number of UGA acceptances, but rather hundreds of unique students continuing on the path God has marked for them.

College Acceptances for the Class of 2018

Congratulations to the class of 2018! Click here to view the full list of where Wesleyan seniors have been accepted.

Yearly Plan

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  • 9th Grade

    • Work hard! Remember that you begin compiling your cumulative GPA this year.
    • Take five core classes!
    • Create a four-year plan with your grade chair. IF recommended, challenge yourself with appropriate advanced or honors courses.
    • At your winter conference, evaluate your academic record. Are you still on track for meeting your goals? Have your goals changed?
    • Create a Naviance resume.
    • Get to know your teachers and coaches.
    • Make a commitment to one or more extracurricular activities. Seek depth not breadth.
    • Look into summer academic programs and service opportunities.
  • 10th Grade

    • Continue to work hard! Maintain good attendance and grades and keep challenging yourself with appropriate advanced courses.
    • Take five core classes!
    • Evaluate your time-management skills. Make sure that you have a balance between school and extracurricular activities.
    • Take the Pre-ACT and the PSAT.
    • Re-evaluate your course selection and academic progress. Are you still on track? Have your goals changed?
    • Update your Naviance resume.
    • Register to take an SAT Subject Test in May or June for any AP classes you are taking this year.
    • Visit colleges when you are traveling.
    • If you are considering a military academy, speak to a college advisor no later than March.
    • Look into summer academic programs, service opportunities, and/or jobs.
  • 11th Grade

    • Continue to work hard! Earn the highest grades possible in the most challenging courses.
    • Take five core classes!
    • Take the PSAT. This test, and other criteria, could qualify you as a National Merit or Achievement Scholar.
    • Attend college fairs and visit with college representatives who come to our campus.
    • If you are considering a military academy, speak to a college advisor in August.
    • Meet your college advisor in November and complete junior conference forms in a timely manner.
    • In second semester, establish a baseline for the SAT and ACT. The preferred approach is to register and take both the actual ACT and SAT test. Take at least one of them with writing.
    • Meet with your grade chair and college advisor to plan for senior year and discuss a list of colleges you’d like to explore.
    • Update your Naviance resume.
    • Use your spring and summer breaks to visit college campuses. Schedule visits for tours online.
    • Register to take an SAT Subject Test in May or June for any AP classes you are taking this year.
    • Begin discussing finances, as they relate to college choices, with your parents.
    • Look into summer academic programs, service opportunities, and/or jobs.
    • Read interesting books over the summer. They make great material for essays and/or interviews.
  • 12th Grade

    • Continue to work hard on your studies. Colleges care about your course work and grades throughout your entire senior year.
    • Take five core classes!
    • Attend visits from college representatives held on our campus.
    • Visit the colleges you are serious about.
    • Meet with your college counselor to review your list of colleges.
    • Create a spreadsheet with all application and scholarship deadlines as well as required documents for each school to which you plan to apply. You can download a template from the College Advising website.
    • Prepare applications, write essays, send test scores. Adhere to guidelines. Keep a record of everything.
    • If necessary, retake the ACT or SAT in the fall.
    • Research and apply for financial aid and scholarships.
    • Read your mail and email for admissions decisions. Be sure to return promptly any other forms, housing agreements and deposits. Only put an enrollment deposit down at the one school you plan to attend.

College Advising News

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  • Registration Open: College Roundup in Texas June 2-5, 2019!

    Sophomores and juniors are invited to join the College Advising Office June 2-5, 2019 as we explore colleges in the great state of Texas. Our college roundup will include Rice University, Southern Methodist University, University of Texas at Austin, Baylor University, Trinity University, and Texas Christian University. Whether or not your children are interested in these specific schools, the college tour is an excellent opportunity for them to gain exposure to a variety of campuses, hear what colleges are looking for in students, and better pinpoint what they are seeking in a college. Please see flyer and registration form for details and secure your child’s spot by November 15th as the tour is limited to the first 36 students. We hope your child can join us as we blaze new college trails in Texas this summer!
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  • The Posse Foundation Names Donald Conley as Scholarship Finalist

    The College Advising Office is pleased to announce that Donald Conley III has been selected as a finalist by The Posse Foundation. A generous grant from The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation helped launch Posse Atlanta, the program’s fourth site in 2007. The Posse program has been recognized as one of the most comprehensive college success and leadership development initiatives in the country. If selected, The Posse Foundation will provide a full-tuition scholarship to a matched academic institution for Donald.
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  • Wesleyan Names Benjamin Smoke as Nominee for Park Scholarship

    Wesleyan is pleased to announce that Benjamin Smoke has been selected by a faculty committee as our nominee for the Park Scholarship at North Carolina State University.

    The mission of the Park Scholarships program is to bring exceptional students to NC State University, based on outstanding accomplishments and potential in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. If awarded, the scholarship covers the full cost of attendance and provides unique research and travel opportunities. In 2019, approximately 40 scholarships will be awarded to incoming freshmen.
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