A History of Giving

At Wesleyan, miraculous generosity from alumni, parents, foundations, and friends of the school has amounted both to a pristine physical landscape and changed mental, emotional, and spiritual landscapes in the hearts of students. These donors, allocating God’s resources to them, have accomplished incredible good in a very short period of time.

John Wesley

"Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can."
Wesleyan was established in 1963 as an integral part of Sandy Springs United Methodist Church. In 1988 Wesleyan defined its mission to become an independent, Christian, college preparatory school offering curriculum for students K-12. With this vision, it soon became apparent that the school needed a new campus to continue its desired expansion. After an extensive search for property, coupled with a generous land equity donation, a 53-acre site in Peachtree Corners was put under contract in the fall of 1995.
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    as of Dec. 31, 2023.
Upon Wesleyan’s acquisition of the Peachtree Corners property in the spring of 1996, only a paved road existed. There were no classrooms, administrative building or athletics fields. For these structures to be built, it would be up to the existing parent body, friends of Wesleyan and the generosity of foundations to help Wesleyan realize its dream. It was a time of both uncertainty and of great faith when the Board and the families of Wesleyan committed themselves spiritually, financially and emotionally to the growth of the school on its new campus.

In the years to follow, the school leaders continued to place Wesleyan in God’s hands. Through His goodness, gifts came forth that no one would have thought possible over the course of the following campaigns:


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  • "Campaign for the New Campus" 1996-1998

    Wesleyan opened the 1996-97 school year with 556 students on its new campus. That year, the facilities consisted of 15 modular units, a soccer field and the school’s first, newly constructed permanent building—Marchman Gymnasium, which served as gym, auditorium, chapel, and general school meeting place. Between 1996-1998, Cleghorn Hall, Hoover Center, and Henderson Stadium/Robinson Field were built. Families and friends of the school, who believed in the vision of what could be, gave $10.6 million for the start of the new campus.Save
  • "Raise the Goal" Campaign 1999-2003

    In early 1999, the board proceeded with a campaign that ultimately included Wesley Hall (middle school), Warren Hall (lower school), a new baseball and softball field, and Davidson Natatorium. In addition the school completed the purchase of 12 acres of land from Technology Park, the adjoining Marvin C. Black Building, and four adjacent or adjoining faculty homes. The additional 12 acres allowed for the construction of Davidson Natatorium, three complete athletic fields, a student parking lot, and large parts of our cross-country trail. Donors gave $38 million to pay for these buildings and to purchase and develop the land. An additional $7 million was given for annual fund and endowment, bringing the total of this successful campaign to $45 million.Save
  • "Complete the Campus" Campaign 2004-2009

    The final phase of the building campaigns included a much-needed fine arts center, performance gymnasium, and administration building. The fine arts center houses art, chorale, band, and middle school drama. A new performance gymnasium was constructed to hold 1500 fans and larger region and state tournaments. It was time to provide permanent facilities for the administration. Gillfillan Hall, a 12,000 square foot addition onto the front of Marchman Gymnasium now contains the admissions, communications, development and business offices. The total campaign of $42 million also included Annual Fund and Endowment.

    Parent participation in the Annual Fund surpassed 95%. The school set a record with 99% of the parents participating in the 2006-2007 Annual Fund. Such participation demonstrated extra-ordinary commitment by Wesleyan’s parental constituency.
  • "Shared Blessings" Campaign 2012-2015

    A three-year capital campaign from the 2012-13 to 2014-15 school years, Shared Blessings was targeted at campus improvements and endowment growth, our community has come to the table in an incredible way to support our latest capital campaign. Originally targeted to raise $16.5 million in three years, over $20 million was raised.
  • "The Campaign for Students" 2020-current

    The centerpiece of Phase I of the campaign was the Hoyt Family Athletic Complex. The project included the addition of a centrally located fieldhouse that provides necessary locker rooms, a concession stand, a training room, and public restrooms for softball, cross country, soccer, football, and lacrosse. The fieldhouse is also an additional event space for the community. In addition to the fieldhouse, the project also included relocating Wren Stadium at Agape field for softball, new batting cages, a permanent lacrosse stadium, upgrades in lighting at both stadiums, a synthetic turf field, and the addition of 50 additional parking spaces in this area of campus. The campaign raised $26.016 million.

    Phase II of the campaign will focus on the creation of a new, two-story 42,000 square foot academic building that will house new middle and high school STEM classrooms as well as new, larger science labs and classrooms. The building will also include space for college advising, offices, student meeting spaces, and a prayer chapel. Additionally, the campaign includes plans to expand DuBose Dining Hall and renovate Wesley Hall and Cleghorn Hall.