Fine Arts Awards

Many of our Fine Arts students have had the opportunity to share their talents with greater community. Talent, hard work, and dedication have earned the following students well-deserved recognition.

High School Awards

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  • Band

    2017-2018 Awards

    Marching Band –
    Silver Division Grand Champion at the Southern Invitational at Sprayberry High School October 21st, 2017

    Marching Band – Bands of America Atlanta Super Regional Class A Champion at Mercedes-Benz Stadium October 28th, 2017 (also awards for high music, visual and effectSymphonic Band – straight superior ratings at Large Group Performance Evaluation February 26th, 2018

    GMEA District Honor Band Recipients February 14th, 2018: Abby Yang (12th, flute), Michelle Tan (12th, clarinet), Sumeet Singh (12th, bass clarinet), Hunter Darsey (11th, trombone), Felicia Wang (9th, flute), Skyler Williams (10th, percussion), and Kara Marshall (9th, harp)

    GMEA All State Band Recipients: March 3rd, 2018: Felicia Wang (9th, flute)

    UGA January Festival 2018: Abby Yang (12th, flute), Michelle Tan (12th, flute), Max Fernandes (12th, clarinet), Felicia Wang (9th, flute), Izzy Rodriguez (10th, clarinet), Paul Nichols (9th, saxophone), Skyler Williams (10th, percussion), Hunter Darsey (11th, trombone)

  • Chorus


    Straight Excellent ratings at GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluation

    Southern Star Music Festival Silver Standard

    GMEA All-State Chorus – Adam Rogers and Dylan Sullenberger

    Choral Excellence Award – Leandro Haddad
  • Drama


    Jaucqir Lafond - Best Actor for his performance as Odysseus at the Area 3 Private One-Act competition on Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017.

    Darby Carroll All-Star Cast - One-Act Competition

    Will Rainwater All-Star Cast - One-Act Competition

    Beauty and the Beast Cast:
    Shuler Awards Best Showstopper Nomination
    Shuler Awards Best Ensemble Nomination

    Lexi Mellott – Wolf Player Freedom Award

    Connie Harris – Freshman Thespian Award

    Adam Rogers – Sophomore Thespian Award & Shuler Awards Best Supporting Actor Honorable Mention

    Andrew Pridgen – Junior Thespian Award

    Brooks Lalley – Senior Thespian Award
  • Literary


    Girls Solo – Ally Jones – Area Champion, State 5th place

    Boys Solo – Leandro Haddad – Area Champion, State 4th place

    Girls Trio – Ally Jones, Siobhan Davenport, Connie Harris – Area 2nd place, State 5th place

    Boys Quartet – Gian Luca di Lenardo, Leandro Haddad, Adam Rogers, Tyler Sturtevant, Dylan Sullenberger – Region Champion, State 2nd place

    Rhetorical Essay – Maggie Simmons – Area 2nd place

    Personal Essay – Donovan Simmons – Area 2nd place, State 5th place

    Argumentative Essay – Lindsey Mains – Area Champion, State 3rd place

    Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking – Siobhan Davenport, Area 2nd place, State competitor

    International Extemporaneous Speaking – Grayson Ragsdale, Area Champion

    Humorous Oral Presentation – Connie Harris – Area 2nd place, State 4th place

    Dramatic Oral Presentation – Tyler Sturtevant – Area 2nd place
  • Visual Arts


    Shutter Sense & Non-sense Photography Exhibit
    1st- Hannah Hufham
    3rd- Will Rainwater, Haley Gilliam
    Honorable Mention- Jayla Jones, Haley Gilliam, Hannah Hufham, Madeline Benfield, Stephen Crawford (2), Dru James Douglas, Hannah Sterling, Betsy McDaniel, Meg Healy, Lauren Bell

    Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
    National Silver Key- Lily Rudder
    REgional Gold Key- Lauren Bell (2), Grace Halley, Natalie Hamlin, Kayla Kim, Steve Romer, Lily Rudder, Matthew Stainback
    Regional Silver Key- Matthew Stainback (2), Mark Tucker, Lily Rudder, Jennifer Noel, Sarah Moon, Win Moreland, Madison Lloyd, Natalie Hamlin, Grae Halley (2), Ashton Cameron, Stephen Crawford,
    Regional Honorable Mention- Madeline Benfield (2), Stephanie Bono, Olivia Curran, Haley Gilliam, Natalie Hamlin(2), Hannah Hufham (2), Dru James Douglas, Madison Lloyd (2), Win Moreland, Clara Ortwein, Tyler Sommer

    All State
    State Finalist- Ashton Cameron, Madeline Benfield
    District Finalist- Lauren Bell, Sarah Moon, Grace Halley

    Atlanta High School Art Exhibit
    Exhibition Finalist- Lily Rudder, Ashton Cameron

    Awoken: A Student Social Justice Art Showcase
    Featured Students- Ashton Cameron, Zoe Jackson, Hannah Sterling, and Natalie Hamlin
    Best In Show- Natalie Hamlin

    Georgia Photography Awards and Exhibition
    1st place- Lauren Bell
    Honorable Mention- Jayla Jones, Meg Healy

Middle School Awards

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  • Band


    Wesleyan 5th Grade Band

    Southern Star Music Festival Silver Standard

    Middle School District Honor Band—Andrew Metz (8th grade, euphonium), Alex Thorne (8th grade, clarinet), Hampton Huggins (8th grade, trumpet)

    University of Georgia Midfest Honor Band—DJ Bassett (6th grade, flute), James Cooper (6th grade, trombone), Savannah Colegrove (6th, trombone), Brady O’Shields (6th, euphonium), Nicholas Follet (7th, trumpet), Chris Izzo (7th grade, alto saxophone), Hampton Huggins (8th, trumpet), Alex Thorne (8th, clarinet), Noah Walton (8th, percussion)
  • Chorus


    Wesleyan 5th and 6th Grade Chorus

    Southern Star Music Festival Gold Standard and Sweepstakes Winners

    Superior Rating, Large Group Performance Evaluation

    Wesleyan 7th & 8th Grade Chorus – Superior Rating, Large Group Performance Evaluation

    All State Chorus – Sarah Lim and Zach Russell

    6th Grade Statewide Honor Chorus – Hannah Ferdon, Margaret Gill, Lucy Zachok, Kailey Zavitz

    District 13 Honor Chorus – Madison Armstrong, Ellie Emmelhainz, Katherine Marshall, Eva Rahman, Mary Margaret Woods

    Elementary Honor Chorus – Evelyn Dzikowski, Carter Hubbell, Isaac Liverance, Lily Miller, Allison Reding
  • Drama


    Down Stage
    Center Award—Jackson Sullenberger (6th Grader)

    Take the Lead Award—Sarah Lim (8th Grader)

    Encore Award—Lindsay Godard (8th Grader)
  • Visual Arts


    Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

    Silver Key- Jennifer Noel

    Gold Key- Kayla Kim