Alumni Events

We are excited to see you again soon!  Join us at Homecoming, on a College Road Show, at the annual Alumni Christmas Party, our Alumni Family Easter Egg Hunt, and more! Information and registration for our alumni events are now being hosted on our Alumni Network powered by Almabase.  Please follow this link below to view and register! 
The Wesleyan Alumni Network is a platform built exclusively for the Wesleyan family.  Its purpose is to allow Wesleyan’s alumni to connect, to encourage one another professionally and relationally, and to enable intentional access to each other.  During our first phase of the launch, we are opening the network to Wesleyan alumni and Wesleyan faculty.  Future phases will open the network to parents of alumni, current juniors and seniors, and parents of current students.  The vision is to build one network that will allow connectivity for all facets of the Wesleyan community.
We hope this will be a digital extension of the Wesleyan family that encouraged you during your time on campus.

The Wesleyan Alumni Network will:

  • Connect alumni in a space outside of and closed off from traditional social platforms
  • Provide opportunities for you to reconnect with other alumni through events and engagement opportunities
  • Promote collaboration among alumni in the form of job postings and job seekers
  • Foster relationships among alumni whose interests and businesses are mutually beneficial
  • Introduce younger alumni to older alumni through mentorship opportunities
  • Create a unique tool to enhance the greater Wesleyan family by providing a safe, secure way to support one another

Registration is simple!

You can register through your LinkedIn or Facebook profile or create a unique login specific to our network. It is completely free to use.  We intend for the site to be a centralized location for events, news, photos, and updates concerning our alumni. Please take a few minutes to register and pass the link along to your classmates.
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