Academic Support

Wesleyan believes in an authentic Christian mission and academic excellence; our faculty and staff are committed to helping each student succeed. Research tells us that children learn in a variety of ways, so we provide additional academic support to assist our students and develop their confidence in the classroom. There are a variety of resources available to all students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Lower School

The curriculum in conjunction with classroom instruction is designed to provide each student with a strong foundation for intellectual, social, and spiritual growth within the appropriate developmental framework.
In addition to the core curriculum the lower school is pleased to offer the following support services:

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  • Enrichment Support

    Enrichment support provides extension of critical thinking skills beyond the level required in the classroom. This service will center around themes of student interest. Length of instruction is based on developmentally appropriate subject matter and age. These flexible groupings are short-term.
  • Math Resource

    Math resource class provides the opportunity for students in first, second, third, and fourth grades to receive instruction in a smaller classroom environment. This enables us to divide the grade levels into four classes instead of three for daily math instruction.
  • Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapy is a medically based remediation for children who are missing a necessary skill or skills to be completely successful at school. This therapy supports the child in the school environment and aims to teach or restore those missing skills. Although this service is provided by an outside vendor, it is offered on our campus during the school day as an extra cost to the parent. Please understand your participation in this service is optional, and it is your decision to choose on campus services or outside resources.
  • Reading Resource

    Reading resource is provided for those students who need additional support and strengthening of skills that are presented in the classroom. This resource is available to meet the needs of the identified students whether they need individual services or smaller group settings. As mastery of skills occurs students may no longer need this intervention. The reading resource teacher also administers diagnostic testing three times yearly to students in kindergarten, pre-first, first, and second grades.
  • Speech and Language Services

    Speech and language services are provided to help children develop the communication skills necessary to succeed at an age-appropriate level. These services are offered through a private contract to children who demonstrate delays in receptive or expressive language, auditory processing, articulation, voice, fluency, hearing, or phonemic awareness. Although this service is provided by an outside vendor, it is offered on our campus during the school day as an extra cost to the parent. Please understand your participation in this service is optional, and it is your decision to choose on campus services or outside resources. You will be notified if your child is recommended for any of the services listed. Please call or email if you have further questions.

Middle and High School

If students in middle and high school need additional resources, Wesleyan provides a Math Lab and a Writing Lab for specialized support.

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  • Math Lab

    The Math Lab is located in Wesley 260.

    For grades 5-12, the Math Lab is available Monday through Thursday from 3 - 4: p.m.

    Students benefit from attending the Math Lab in the following ways:
    • Unlike outside tutors, the Math Lab instructors are familiar with the textbooks, style of teaching, grading, and expectations of the teachers. It makes for a unique opportunity that is hard to replicate outside of Wesleyan's campus.
    • When students are sick and have missed instructional days, the Math Lab's instructor can quickly introduce new lessons so that a student will be caught up when returning to class.
    • The math instructors can gear instruction to specific skill sets that have been identified through standardized testing as needing improvement.
    • Coming to the Math Lab during available times is a great opportunity for all students who are new to Wesleyan. The Math Lab affords them the time to get extra help and practice with fundamental skills.
    • Students who are not participating in an after-school activity can go to the Math Lab to finish homework.
    • Students who have learning difficulties or need extra time or one-on-one attention in completing assignments find the lab time particularly useful.
    A testament to the value of the Math Lab is that each year recent graduates return for occasional help with their college mathematics.
  • Writing Lab

    All students in Middle School and High School

    The Writing Lab is open Monday through Thursday from 3 – 4 p.m.

    The lab instructors, Mrs. Holloway and Mrs. Roche, will be available at the tables outside Cole Seminar Room in Chapman Library.
    Tuesday and Wednesday – Mrs. Roche (
    Monday and Thursday – Mrs. Holloway (

    Although students may drop in to get assistance after school, they may have to wait until other students who have previously scheduled appointments have been helped. Therefore, requesting an appointment via email is recommended. Email the instructor who will be in the lab on the day you wish to come.If you are a middle school student, follow the same procedures you would perform to request a study period appointment.

    What the Writing Lab instructors can do for students:
    • Instructors can help at any point in the writing process, whether a student is trying to formulate a central argument (thesis) or is hoping to refine a final draft (or at any point in between).
    • If a student needs assistance with a specific issue in grammar (for instance, subject-verb agreement), instructors can provide additional explanation and practice.
    What the Writing Lab instructors cannot do for students:
    • Proofread papers (edit mistakes).
    • Provide ongoing tutoring in grammar or writing.
    • Help a student prepare for a test or exam.
    • Conduct weekly sessions with individual students or groups of students.
    • Estimate what grade a student might receive on a paper.
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