Fall Sport Coaches

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  • Cross Country

    Varsity Boys and Girls Cross Country
    Head Coach – Chad McDaniel
    Assistant Coaches
    Chris Yoder, Josh Smith, Robert Holmes, Megan Trotter, Brittany Stevens, Bradley Gossett

    Middle School Cross Country
    Head Coach – Libby Sedgwick
    Assistant Coaches
    Rich Billing, Mitchell Mayfield, Amanda Cheatwood, Orlena Encinas, Lidia Zamora
  • Football

    Varsity Football
    Head Coach – Franklin Pridgen
    Assistant Coaches
    Candler Baxley, Stanley Davenport, Marc Khedouri, Chip Myrick, Chris Paroli, Justin Krueger, Lee Rider, Andrew Frerking, Dawson Zimmerman, Jason Turner

    Junior Varsity Football
    Head Coach – Chris Paroli
    Assistant Coaches
    Rusty Bennett, Justin Krueger, Josh Kimberlin

    Middle School Football
    Head Coach – Eric Damm
    Assistant Coaches
    Dawson Zimmerman
    Isiah Hill
    Brian St. James
    Frankie Kelly

  • Football Cheerleading

    Varsity Football Cheerleading
    Head Coach – Fiona Owen
    Assistant Coaches
    Alex Bufton
    Emily Zavitz

    Junior Varsity Football Cheerleading
    Head Coach – Sarah Peebles
    Assistant Coach
    Emma Grace Laird

    8th Grade Football Cheerleading
    Head Coach -Acacia Kelly
    Assistant Coach
    Kristie Onorato

  • Softball

    Varsity Softball
    Head Coach – Mary Stephenson
    Assistant Coaches
    Greg Lisson, Whitley Denney, Brittani Houghton

    JV Softball
    Head Coach - Brian Krehmeyer

    Middle School Softball
    Head Coach – Glenn Archer
    Assistant Coaches
    Paige Pera Burgess, Barry Lyons
  • Volleyball

    Varsity Volleyball
    Head Coach – Ted Russell
    Assistant Coaches
    Maggie Smith, Joseph Cooper 

    Junior Varsity Volleyball
    Head Coach – Andy Randrup
    Assistant Coach
    Sydney Leimbach

    8th Grade Volleyball
    Head Coach-Madison Thomas
    Asst. Coach:  Abby Holmes

    7th Grade Volleyball
    Head Coach- Guillermo Vallejo
    Asst. Coach:  Andy Olejack
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      Paw with Wes_2016

Winter Sport Coaches

List of 4 items.

  • Basketball

    Varsity Boys Basketball

    Assistant Coaches
    Ryan Hodges, Eric Damm

    Varsity Girls Basketball

    Assistant Coaches
    Ellen Riggins, Brittany Stevens

    Junior Varsity Boys Basketball
    Head Coach – Greg Lisson
    Assistant Coach
    Andy Olejack
    Patrick Hughes

    Junior Varsity Girls Basketball
    Head Coach – Andy Olejack
    Assistant Coach
    Barry Lyons

    8th Grade Boys Basketball
    Head Coach – Sean Nestor
    Assistant Coach:  Michael Mann

    8th Grade Girls Basketball
    Head Coach – Rebecca Lightfoot
    Assistant Coach

    7th Grade Boys Basketball
    Head Coach – Glenn Archer
    Assistant Coach
    Ted Russell

    7th Grade Girls Basketball
    Head Coach – Kathleen Shade
    Assistant Coach
  • Basketball Cheerleading

    Varsity Basketball Cheerleading
    Head Coach – Jennifer Pinkett Smith

    Assistant Coach
    Susannah Smith
  • Swim and Dive

    Varsity Swim and Dive

    Assistant Coaches
    Susan Brooks,  Jonathan Nye, Nick Salyers, Andrew Hill, Sydney Leimbach

    Middle School Swim and Dive
    Head Coach – Alex Bufton
    Assistant Coaches
    Andrew Andrew Hill, Jonathan Nye, Susan Brooks
  • Wrestling

    Varsity Wrestling
    rian St. James
    Assistant Coach - Dennis Stromie

    Junior Varsity Wrestling
    Head Coach – Matthew Means

    Middle School Wrestling
    Head Coach – Michael Tablada
    Assistant Coach - Josh Smith

Spring Sport Coaches

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  • Baseball

    Varsity Baseball

    Assistant Coaches
    Michael Mann, Matthew Plate, Kevin O'Leary, Brett Denney

    Junior Varsity Baseball
    Head Coach – Jack Van Der Sluys
    Assistant Coaches
    Robert Holmes

    Middle School Baseball
    Head Coach – Wally Wallace
    Assistant Coaches
    Dan Cardwell, Dave Schilling
  • Golf

    Varsity Boys Golf
    Head Coach –
    Assistant Coach
    Andy Olejack

    Varsity Girls Golf
    Head Coach
    Cameron Alexander
    Assistant Coach
    Ryan Hodges

    Junior Varsity Boys Golf
    Head Coach –
    Assistant Coach

    Junior Varsity Girls Golf
    Head Coach - Ryan Hodges
  • Lacrosse

    Varsity Boys Lacrosse
    Head Coach – Connor Breslin
    Assistant Coach
    Frankie Kelley, Malcolm Anderson

    Varsity Girls Lacrosse
    Head Coach –
    Assistant Coach
    Ellen Riggins

    Junior Varsity Boys Lacrosse
    Head Coach – Scott Schroer
    Assistant Coach
    Matthew Means

    Junior Varsity Girls Lacrosse
    Head Coach – Julie LaFramboise
    Assistant Coac

    Middle School Boys Lacrosse
    Head Coach – Chris Paroli
    Assistant Coach
    Barry Lyons

    Middle School Girls Lacrosse
    Head Coach – Ame Conley
    Assistant Coach
  • Soccer

    Varsity Boys Soccer
    Head Coach –
    Assistant Coach
    Joe Tamel

    Varsity Girls Soccer
    Head Coach – uillermo Vallejo
    Assistant Coach
    Ashley Kuehne

    Junior Varsity Boys Soccer
    Head Coach – Dawson Zimmerman
    Assistant Coach
    Andrew Blackburn

    Middle School Boys Soccer
    Head Coach – Nathan Emmelhainz
    Assistant Coaches
    Derrell Duvall

    Middle School Girls Soccer
    Head Coach – Lacy Gilbert
    Assistant Coach
    Rich Billing
  • Tennis

    Varsity Tennis

    Assistant Coach:
    Colin Sylvester
    Andy Mattick
    Sydney Leimbach

    Middle School Tennis
    Head Coach – Elizabeth Ables
    Assistant Coaches
    Kathy Merrill
  • Track and Field

    Varsity Boys and Girls Track and Field

    Assistant Coaches
    Justin Krueger, Chip Myrick, Chris Yoder, Isiah Hill, Brittany Stevens

    Middle School Track and Field
    Head Coach – Dean Jackson
    Assistant Coaches
    Sarah Peebles, Shannon Smith, Indyasia Fowler, Whitley Denney, Whitney Martinez, Josh Kimberlin