Campaign for Students

Phase I of the Campaign for Students funded the Hoyt Family Athletic Complex, which has allowed Wesleyan to better serve thousands of students, coaches, and families in an area on campus that gets used year-round. Additionally, the space has made it possible for Wesleyan to be a welcoming and hospitable host to everyone who visits the campus as a guest.
"This campaign has been like no other in school history, starting construction a month before the world entered into a global pandemic. Instead of halting construction, we pressed forward, trusting that God would provide through the generosity of our community, and we have been blown away by the results." -Chad McDaniel, director of development
Phase II (Legacy Phase) of the campaign will fund the Young STEM Building as Wesleyan continues to expand offerings in technology and engineering. To support the growing number of STEM elective courses and programming, the building will be equipped with updated technology and collaborative spaces essential for project-based group work. Young Hall will house all middle and high school STEM offerings, as well as high school science classes.
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Your gift makes a difference!

As we move forward, we embrace our continuing obligation to glorify God in all we say and do. This campaign is a call for our community to participate in the ongoing miracle that is Wesleyan School. Thank you for your support!