Georgia GOAL

The Georgia Private School Tax Credit program allows Georgia taxpayers to designate tax dollars to specific independent schools in the state. The schools, in turn, utilize these funds to provide need based financial aid to students and families.
Wesleyan School uses the services of Georgia GOAL to administer this program. Well-respected across the state, you will often hear many in our community refer to the overall program as Georgia GOAL.
Here are some important facts to want to keep in mind as you consider taking advantage of this opportunity:

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  • Individuals, couples, and businesses can participate.

    The state allows taxpayers to take part in this program at the following maximum credits:
    • Single filers – up to $2,500
    • Married separate filer – up to $2,500
    • Married joint filer – up to $5,000
    • Pass-through owner (not making HB 149 election) – Up to $25,000
    • C Corp, Trust, or Pass-Through electing to pay tax at the entity level (HB 149) – Up to 75% of annual tax liability
    • Business that pays insurance premium tax – 75% of annual tax liability, but credit shall not exceed $1 million
  • GOAL is a win-win for you and Wesleyan.

    This is a tax credit program. You tell the state how you want your tax dollars used and you get a tax credit. Once you are notified after the first of the year that you are approved to participate, you have 60-days to fund your contribution. The tax credit can then reduce your tax liability to the state of Georgia the following tax year. Wesleyan receives the contributions from the state (you must designate Wesleyan as the recipient school) and this funding goes to support much needed financial aid for our students.