After School Programs

Kindergarten through 4th Grade
There are many programs available at Wesleyan to engage your lower school student. Enrichment classes provide students with important life skills and practical application techniques. Private music lessons offer individualized instruction for students that wish to learn piano or guitar. School-sponsored and parent-sponsored "leagues" focus on a specific sport or interest. Wesleyan clubs and activities allow students to continue their involvement on campus during and after school. Click on one of the drop-down options below for details, contact information, and registration.

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  • Wesleyan Leagues

    Wesleyan Lacrosse Association

    Competitive Cheer

    • 3rd through 8th grade
    • Fall and Winter (August-early January)
    • Parent-sponsored activity
    • Practice is off campus at Jump TNT gym in Johns Creek
    • Contact Stephanie Powell at stephpowell@joepowell.com for more information

    Chess League

    • Kindergarten through 6th grade
    • Fall and Winter
    • Friday practice from 3:00-4:30 in LS library
    • Saturday Game day from 1:00-3:00 in Bowen Cafeteria
                                      Dec. 8 & 15
                                     Jan. 12 & 19 & 25
                                     Feb. 9 & 22 & 23

    Click here to register today!
    Contact Kelly Weatherly at KWeatherly@wesleyanschool.org for more information.

    Cub Scouts
    • 1st through 5th grade
    • Parent-sponsored activity
    • Contact Anthony Freeman at Anthony.freeman@ubs.com or at 404-825-4495 for more information.
  • Enrichment

    Enrichment classes are offered Monday through Thursday from 3:00pm until 4:30pm. Classes are held once a week during each session. For more information, please contact: 
    Kelly Weatherly
    Director of Auxiliary Programs

    Winter January 14 - February 14

    K - 1stMonday
    Math Penthalon 2nd- 3rdMonday
    A/V Intro 3rd-4thMonday
    Service Project - Atlanta Ronald McDonald House K - 4thTuesday
    Free Style Lego’s K- 4thTuesday
    Math Penthalon K - 1stTuesday
    Hop Skip & JumpK - 4thWednesday
    Trash or Treasure RecycleK - 4thWednesday
    Gymnastics K - 2ndWednesday
    Chess K- 4thThursday
    Sewing for Service 2nd-4thThursday
    Drawing K - 4thThursday

    SPRING April 1 – May 17

    Nature Finds 2nd - 4thMonday
    Girls are Running 2nd- 3rdMonday
    Cool Gym Games K- 4thMonday
    Learn to Ride a Bike K - 1stTuesday
    Volleyball 2nd- 4thTuesday
    Diving 1- 4thTuesday
    Choristers 1- 4thWednesday
    Cheer/Movement K - 4thWednesday
    Swimming LessonsK - 4thWednesday
    Art with the MastersK- 4thThursday
    SoftballK -4thThursday
  • Fine Arts

    Please contact Meg Foster, Director of Fine Arts, at MFoster@wesleyanschool.org for details and registration.

    Private Piano Lessons
    • Kindergarten through 4th Grade
    • Lessons occur on a weekly basis
    Private Guitar Lessons
    • Kindergarten through 4th Grade
    • Lessons occur on a weekly basis
  • School Involvement

    Passport Club
    Passport Club empowers students to travel the world with Captain Core Virtue in a fun self-study geography program. Not only do students gain greater awareness of the world around them through this program, but students also have the opportunity to:
    • Choose their own pace, studying the location of 5, 10, 15 or 25 countries per month
    • Gain in-depth knowledge on one feature country per month through video and optional self-study
    • Be equipped with a passport, lanyard, study maps, and a t-shirt for the journey
    • Earn exciting rewards, including stamps for their passport, country flag pins for their lanyard, and world-market bucks for an end-of-the-year world market. Students visit “customs officials” one day each month during lunch to be tested.
    • Build on their progress each year!
    Passport Club is available to Wesleyan students in 1st through 4th grade.
    Please contact Dayna Thomson at DThomson@wesleyanschool.org for more information.