College Advising

As a college prep school, we are confident that our students leave Wesleyan prepared for college. In turn, our college advising team wants to help students find a college where they will leave prepared for the real-world. Our team works with students through each step of the application process and into the college decision to help students find the college that is right for them. Our end goal is not a certain number of “highly ranked” schools, but rather hundreds of unique students continuing on the path God has marked for them.

College Acceptances for the Class of 2019

Congratulations to the class of 2019! Click here to view the full list of where Wesleyan seniors have been accepted.
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Yearly Plan

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  • 9th Grade

    • Work hard! Remember that you begin compiling your cumulative GPA this year.
    • Take five core classes!
    • Create a four-year plan with your grade chair. IF recommended, challenge yourself with appropriate advanced or honors courses.
    • At your winter conference, evaluate your academic record. Are you still on track for meeting your goals? Have your goals changed?
    • Create a Naviance resume.
    • Get to know your teachers and coaches.
    • Make a commitment to one or more extracurricular activities. Seek depth not breadth.
    • Look into summer academic programs and service opportunities.
  • 10th Grade

    • Continue to work hard! Maintain good attendance and grades and keep challenging yourself with appropriate advanced courses.
    • Take five core classes!
    • Evaluate your time-management skills. Make sure that you have a balance between school and extracurricular activities.
    • Take the Pre-ACT and the PSAT.
    • Re-evaluate your course selection and academic progress. Are you still on track? Have your goals changed?
    • Update your Naviance resume.
    • Register to take an SAT Subject Test in May or June for any AP classes you are taking this year.
    • Visit colleges when you are traveling.
    • If you are considering a military academy, speak to a college advisor no later than March.
    • Look into summer academic programs, service opportunities, and/or jobs.
  • 11th Grade

    • Continue to work hard! Earn the highest grades possible in the most challenging courses.
    • Take five core classes!
    • Take the PSAT. This test, and other criteria, could qualify you as a National Merit or Achievement Scholar.
    • Attend college fairs and visit with college representatives who come to our campus.
    • If you are considering a military academy, speak to a college advisor in August.
    • Meet your college advisor in November and complete junior conference forms in a timely manner.
    • In second semester, establish a baseline for the SAT and ACT. The preferred approach is to register and take both the actual ACT and SAT test. Take at least one of them with writing.
    • Meet with your grade chair and college advisor to plan for senior year and discuss a list of colleges you’d like to explore.
    • Update your Naviance resume.
    • Use your spring and summer breaks to visit college campuses. Schedule visits for tours online.
    • Register to take an SAT Subject Test in May or June for any AP classes you are taking this year.
    • Begin discussing finances, as they relate to college choices, with your parents.
    • Look into summer academic programs, service opportunities, and/or jobs.
    • Read interesting books over the summer. They make great material for essays and/or interviews.
  • 12th Grade

    • Continue to work hard on your studies. Colleges care about your course work and grades throughout your entire senior year.
    • Take five core classes!
    • Attend visits from college representatives held on our campus.
    • Visit the colleges you are serious about.
    • Meet with your college counselor to review your list of colleges.
    • Create a spreadsheet with all application and scholarship deadlines as well as required documents for each school to which you plan to apply. You can download a template from the College Advising website.
    • Prepare applications, write essays, send test scores. Adhere to guidelines. Keep a record of everything.
    • If necessary, retake the ACT or SAT in the fall.
    • Research and apply for financial aid and scholarships.
    • Read your mail and email for admissions decisions. Be sure to return promptly any other forms, housing agreements and deposits. Only put an enrollment deposit down at the one school you plan to attend.

College Advising News

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  • Wesleyan sophomores enjoy the AICS college fair

    Sophomore Families Benefit from Insiders’ View of College Admissions

    Have you ever wondered what criteria college admissions representatives really consider when reading college applications? Nearly 40 Wesleyan sophomores and 50 parents were able to demystify the application reading process during the Atlanta Invitational Case Studies (AICS) program this past Sunday, February 9. Prior to the event, families were provided with fictitious case study files of applicants to a sample university, which they read and evaluated. During Sunday’s event, attendees were broken into small groups and guided by a college admission professional to make admission decisions (admit, waitlist, deny) for those applicants. Decisions often seemed easy - or impossible - based on numbers alone, but attendees learned that factors such as major, geography, leadership, special talents, and rigor all play a key role in helping colleges make admission decisions and shape a class. With a better understanding of how applications are reviewed, students will now be able to meaningfully think about their own academics, activities, and involvement.
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  • Andrew Yang

    Andrew Yang Honored as Wesleyan STAR Student and Names Abby Holmes as STAR Teacher

    The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce has honored Andrew (Andy) Yang as Wesleyan School’s STAR student for the 2019-2020 school year. In turn, Andy was able to select the teacher who has had the greatest influence on his academic life to be named Wesleyan’s STAR teacher, and he selected Mrs. Abby Holmes. 
    Beyond his outstanding academic record and membership in numerous honor societies, Andy is president of the Wesleyan Honor Council, captain of the math and science bowl teams, and a four-year member of the cross-country and soccer teams. Andy is also Wesleyan’s nominee for the prestigious Jefferson Scholarship at the University of Virginia. Outside of Wesleyan, Andy was named to the American Math Competition’s Distinguished Honor Roll, and he helped lead his Georgia chapter of the American Regions Mathematics League to a Division B victory in 2019.
    When asked why he selected Abby Holmes as his STAR teacher, Andy said, “Mrs. Holmes’ class was always fun, engaging, and full of positive energy. Her encouragement gave me confidence when I needed it and spurred intellectual growth in me.  I continue to benefit from the problem-solving skills that Mrs. Holmes taught me through Latin translations.”
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  • Wesleyan Names Lauren Hill as Belk Scholarship Nominee

    The College Advising Office is pleased to announce that Lauren Hill is Wesleyan’s nominee for the Belk Scholars competition at Davidson College. Belk Scholars nominees “must demonstrate academic excellence and purposeful engagement in the classroom, with student and civic organizations, on the athletic field, or in the arts. While academic achievement is paramount, Belk Scholars also exhibit intellectual curiosity and a commitment to both their local and global communities.”
    In addition to her strong academic record and membership in numerous honor societies, Hill is deeply involved in the community. She is a marketing manager with Sewanee Youth Leadership, an Executive Board Parliamentarian for Atlanta’s chapter of Jack and Jill, where she organizes multiple service projects over the year, and a youth basketball coach in the community. At Wesleyan, Hill is vice president of affairs for student government, an ambassador for new students, a SALSA (Students Advocating Life without Substance Abuse) representative for lower- and middle-school students, and a four-year member of the track team.
    If awarded, the Belk Scholarship covers the full cost of attendance for four years as well as stipends for summer programs. Congratulations to the Hill family for this tremendous honor and best wishes to Lauren in her quest to become a finalist!
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