Missions Program

Each spring break, students enthusiastically heed His divine call to service. Working together and alongside faculty leaders, students develop spiritual leadership while cultivating a Biblical world view. The Wesleyan community is strengthened through these shared student and faculty service experiences.
The Wesleyan Missions program is designed to parallel the overall mission of the school by providing students opportunities to explore their faith in Christ through service to other cultures.
What began as 2 trips to 1 location with 22 students and 6 faculty members, the missions program has seen tremendous growth since its inception in 2000. The program's success is due to an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement, both prayerfully and financially, from the Wesleyan community.

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  • 35

    Locations Served
  • 900

    Student Participants
  • 190

     Faculty Participants

Mission Teams 2020

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  • Atlanta

    Joseph Antonio- Head Leader
    Laura Siron- Head Leader
    Shannon Smith
    Brooks Hanrahan

    Kevin Andrews
    Matthew Brown
    Jon-Marc Coote
    Matt Free
    Anna Kennedy
    Morgan Massie
    James McCoy
    Quinn Moore
    Katherine Murphy
    Kate O'Shields
    William Sabonis-Chafee
    Livi Stolle
    Sophie Villa
    Noah Walton

    Atlanta | Friends of Refugees | Co-ed
    Where: Clarkston, GA
    Ministry: Friends of Refugees and World Relief

    Focus: Our main focus is to be with refugees and their families, to hear their stories, and to learn about the community of Clarkston. This is an incredible multi-cultural experience where you will have opportunities to work with both kids and adults in a variety of settings including kids camps, VBS, light work projects, and refugee resettlement ministries right in our own backyard.
  • Bahamas

    Greg Lisson -Head Leader
    Kali Sessions -Head Leader
    Connor Breslin
    Barbara Lewis

    Emily Becker
    Molly Brown
    William Bruehl
    Luke Carroll
    JD Chipman
    Jimmy Cox
    Caroline Gibbs
    Wyatt Hodges
    Reece Holbrook
    Sammy Johnson
    Anastasia Johnston
    Jamie LaFramboise
    Bryce Masters
    Holly Mitchell
    Mary Ortwein
    Carson Schiller
    Micah Smith
    Charlie Taylor
    Gracie Taylor
    Anna Turner
    Liza Yates

    Bahamas | Joshua Expeditions | Co-ed
    Where: Bahamas
    Ministry: Joshua Expeditions

    Focus: We will go into a small community in the Bahamas and stay spend time with the people there. In the morning, we will do some small building projects in the community based on their needs. In the afternoons we will run a sports camp combined with a VBS for the children of the community. We will have the opportunity to share the gospel with both our word and deed in the community.
  • Bulgaria

    Glenn Archer- Head Leader
    Emily Zavitz- Head Leader
    Joseph Cooper
    Brittany Stevens

    MK Adams
    Collin Bailey
    Elizabeth Bertram
    Grace Bowling
    Beau Brown
    Reid Cameron
    Jamarcus Davidson
    Madison Kerpics
    Kate Lalley
    Megan Massey
    Rachel McFarland
    Payton McKemie
    Adyson Means
    Charlie Neu
    Adam Rogers
    Bennett Rudder
    Hannah Steiner
    Emma Symonds
    Charlie Wenz
    Holden Wilder

    Bulgaria | Welcome to Bulgaria | Co-ed
    Where: Peshtera, Bulgaria
    Ministry: Welcome to Bulgaria, Pink Foundation

    Focus: We will go into two local schools to teach English, participate in other school classes and build relationships. We may be asked to help with small painting and work projects on school grounds. The trips includes work with school age children from lower school to high school aged students and often presents opportunities to share the gospels in the context of new relationships.
  • Chattanooga

    Stephanie McDaniel- Head Leader
    Dean Jackson- Head Leader
    Sydney Leimbach
    Nancy Davis
    Jeff Pettit

    Servant Leaders:
    Clara Ortwein
    Lizzy Stainback
    Colton Villa
    Jacob Walton

    Madison Armstrong
    Hayden Ausherman
    Isabella Bailliard
    Jacob Binney
    Brock Bowling
    Jules Callahan
    Migel Camargo
    David Camargo
    Will Campbell
    Savannah Colegrove
    Roman Coulter
    Millie Dempsey
    Maki Edwards
    Hannah Ferdon
    Kallaghan Freeman
    Kara Geoghegan
    Margaret Gill
    Isabelle Onorato
    JJ Gracey
    Elizabeth Hodges
    Vivian Hosier
    Meyers Louthan
    Ginny Kate McDaniel
    Jun Ogden
    Julia Panfilov
    Kate Powell
    Kathryn Seligman
    Shawn Simmons
    Kate Stolle
    Elizabeth Tian
    Kailey Zavitz

    Chattanooga, TN | Middle School Co-ed | Servant Leadership for 11th & 12th Graders
    Where: Chattanooga, TN
    Ministry: Widows Harvest

    Focus: Wesleyan will send an 8th grade team to Chattanooga, TN, in partnership with Son Servants and Widows Harvest Ministries. Students spend time interacting with widows in need of help in and around their homes. Projects include construction, cleaning, light repairs, and yard work. Most importantly, students will meet a widow and serve at her home for most of the week to build a lasting and impressionable relationship. In the evening, the team will hear from people in the Chattanooga area who are dedicated to the Biblical call to serve others and care for the widows and orphans in society. This year we will be working to help the women cook healthy meals for themselves.
  • Costa Rica

    Bradley Gossett- Head Leader
    Andy Randrup- Head Leader
    Josh Kimberlin

    Paul Baisier
    Andrew Bardi
    Thomas Chipman
    Matthew Chisholm
    Thomas Cook
    Joseph Cook
    Andrew Fleming
    Zachary Gan
    Jack Jones
    Joe Laurite
    Harrison Leath
    Javy Martinez
    Paul Nichols
    Brendan O'Shields
    Aidan Staley
    Landon Stirling
    Braden Thorne

    Costa Rica | Joshua Expeditions | All Boys
    Where: San Jose
    Ministry: Joshua Expeditions

    Focus: We will work all week with Joshua Expeditions alongside a marginal community in the San Jose area. Physical and spiritual needs are great, and you will be challenged to share your faith through both word and deed. We will build a home in one of the neighboring communities. Along with building the home, we will have the opportunity to share the gospel and love of Jesus with children in the area.
  • DR Score

    Corrie Nash- Head Leader
    Sarah Peebles- Head Leader
    Ruthie Colegrove
    Emma Grace Laird

    Marin Bailey
    Tinsley Bertram
    Gracie Brown
    Summer Cowart
    Grace Eversbusch
    Maegan Ewing
    Ashley Friedman
    Audrey Gilliam
    Emily Godfrey
    Elsah James
    Brenna McConnell
    Jessica Nolan
    Alden Pridgen
    Ella Rayburn
    Maggie Rheudasil
    Nea Sanders
    Maggie Simmons
    Madison Sterling

    DR | Score | All Girls
    Where: San Jose, Dominican Republic
    Ministry: Craig and Joanna McClure, missionaries with SCORE International

    Focus: To support and serve alongside missionary family Craig and Joanna McClure in San Jose, Dominican Republic. San Jose is a small community where the McClures have planted a church. The girls focus on relational ministry, play with children, deliver supplies to neighboring villages, experience a “day in the life” with various women from the church, and share testimonies with the women.
  • Ecuador

    Lacy Gilbert- Head Leader
    Kathleen Shade- Head Leader
    Heidi Lloyd
    Kristie Onorato

    Lauren Balch
    Morgan Chisholm
    AnnaRae Copeland
    Ansley Eigel
    Grace Elsevier
    Tori Hedlund
    Ashland Hemken
    Sarah Holcomb
    Rylie Jones
    Riley Keller
    Audrey LaFramboise
    Annie Langenbeck
    Lily Morris
    Jada Richardson
    Caroline Stakel
    Channing Stall
    Bella Tucker
    Sofia Woomer

    Ecuador | Rescate Ministries | All Girls
    Where: Riobamba, Ecuador
    Ministry: Rescate Ecuador

    Focus: Our focus of the trip is to work alongside Pastor Manuel and his family to bring the Gospel to the Ecuadorians who live in rural villages in the Andes Mountains. This is a beautiful experience where you get to love and share the gospel with the “forgotten people” in the mountain regions of Ecuador. They are forgotten by the Ecuadorians who have moved their lives to the cities and are ridiculed for continuing with their traditional customs. It is incredible to show these people the love of Jesus and to share with them that they are known, seen, and loved by the creator of the universe.
  • Guatemala Kids's Alive

    Alex Bufton- Head Leader
    Dustin Wolf- Head Leader
    Kendra Morris
    Andy Olejack

    Ellie Archer
    Connor Beaty
    Alex Cardile
    Grace Carroll
    Bobby Cook
    Carmen Cook
    Wyatt Copeland
    Cardo Gottlich
    Natalie Gross
    Hayden Morehouse
    Sims Johnson
    Sunny Jones
    Callie Kennedy
    Jahni Kerr
    Vance Nicklaus
    Alyssa Phillip
    Kensie Pierce
    Lucas Schelhammer
    Jackson Turner
    Whitaker Welch
    Emma Young

    Guatemala | Kids Alive International | Co-ed
    Where: San Lucas, Guatemala
    Ministry: Kids Alive International

    Focus: We will stay and work with the Oasis community of girls and young women who have been rescued from abuse and exploitation find a safe, loving place to call home. All of the girls are under court-ordered protection, sent to the Oasis by the Guatemalan authorities, and all bear the emotional and sometimes physical scars of the worst kinds of betrayal. We will also have the opportunity to visit the Source of Hope school in Zapote. The town of Zapote sits at the base of the active volcano Fuego, which experienced its most recent eruption in June 2018. In this remote region, poverty is rampant, child abuse and forced child labor are common, and there is little access to education. The added fear since the eruption only fuels the sense of despair and hopelessness felt by so many.
  • Guatemala Medical Missions

    Cameron Alexander- Head Leader
    Isiah Hill- Head Leader
    Indy Fowler
    Andy Mattick

    Mark Baisier
    Ashley Binney
    Niles Boyd
    Lanni Brown
    Caroline Bryson
    Ashley Cowart
    Aubrey DeAugustinis
    Braden DeBow
    Harrison Gracey
    Jeffrey Hullinger
    Benjamin Jackson
    Robert Johnson
    Ally Jones
    Lindsey Mains
    Matthew Morse
    Alexandra Murphy
    William Parker
    Maddie Parsonnet
    Alexander Staley
    Rosie Taylor
    Analia Thota

    Guatemala | Medical Missions | Co-ed
    Where: Guatemala City, Guatemala
    Ministry: Medical Missions Ministry – Guatemala, begun by Dr. Hermann Alb 25 years ago.

    Focus: We will partner with pastors in surrounding villages to set up medical clinics. The churches use this as an outreach ministry to go into their community to find families in need of medical treatment. Dr. Alb and his team of doctors and dentists then treat the patients. As the people are waiting for medicines or treatments, we will have a chance to pray with the families and share the gospel. We will work directly with the doctors and dentists, filling prescriptions in the pharmacy, helping the children’s ministry, or sitting in the counselling groups. It is an excellent opportunity to see the medical ministry at work but also see the miracles that prayer can provide.
  • Puerto Rico

    Maggie Smith- Head Leader
    Chip Myrick- Head Leader
    Scott Schroer
    Ashley Kuehne

    Will Alexander
    Max Allgaier
    Tanner Bivins
    Tatum Connor
    Joseph Hart
    Allie Holmes
    Mikayla John
    Brett Lloyd
    Brogan MacInnis
    Lauren Markley
    Ryan McConnell
    Julian Mola
    Ansley Morehouse
    Fletcher Morris
    Annelise Onorato
    Ellen Otterbach
    Sam Schmitt
    Abby Scott
    Lindsey Suits
    Andrew Van Wie

    Puerto Rico | HOI | Co-ed
    Where: San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Ministry: HOI

    Focus: We will work together to aid the people of the towns with hurricane relief. We will be doing small work projects & spending time praying with the people. We will have the opportunity to help families, churches, and schools as they work to rebuild their lives after the devastating hurricane last year.