Missions Program

Each spring break, students enthusiastically heed His divine call to service. Working together and alongside faculty leaders, students develop spiritual leadership while cultivating a Biblical world view. The Wesleyan community is strengthened through these shared student and faculty service experiences.
The Wesleyan Missions program is designed to parallel the overall mission of the school by providing students opportunities to explore their faith in Christ through service to other cultures.
What began as 2 trips to 1 location with 22 students and 6 faculty members, the missions program has seen tremendous growth since its inception in 2000. The program's success is due to an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement, both prayerfully and financially, from the Wesleyan community.

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  • 35

    Locations Served
  • 900

    Student Participants
  • 190

     Faculty Participants

2021-2022 Mission Trips

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  • Appalachia, Kentucky

    Greg Lisson
    Megan Lisson
    Meg Brooks
    Ellie Burns
    Abby Hooper

    Lauren Balch
    Norah Bishop
    Gray Bradach
    Matthew Brown
    Ansley Eigel
    Grace Eversbusch
    Nick Follett
    Alexander Glover
    Emily Godfrey
    Carson Green
    Tori Hedlund
    Kaleb John
    Savannah Johnson
    Joe Laurite
    Sarah Lim
    Ryan McConnell
    Grace Purrington
    Roman Reynolds
    William Sabonis-Chafee
    Mary Margaret Woods
  • Buena Vista, Colorado

    Connor Breslin
    Alex O'Donnell
    Laura Breslin
    Nicole Galvin
    Jasmine Bono 
    Gracie Brown
    Will Burns
    Thomas Chipman
    Bobby Cook
    Grace Elsevier
    Tate Gilley
    Hampton Huggins
    Cater Lawson
    Palmer Louthan
    Evan Nichols
    Freddie Reinhardt
    Mary John Reinhardt
    Maggie Rheudasil
    Ireland Riley
    Elizabeth Schneider
    Caroline Stakel
    Channing Stall
    Hunter Suits
    Imani Washington
  • Dallas, Texas

    Kathleen Shade
    Chuck Stevens
    Kathryn Lanyon
    Beth McConnell
    Chet Popelka
    Kate Adent
    Morgan Akin
    Carson Ballard
    Tinsley Bertram
    Christian Drayer
    Maegan Ewing
    Zachary Gan
    Stacy Johnson
    Rylie Jones
    Audrey Laframboise
    Jackson Murphy
    Jennifer Noel
    Jessica Nolan
    Kate O'Shields
    Ella Rayburn
    Nea Sanders
    Stephen Streett
    Alex Thorne
  • Nashville, Tennessee

    Andrea Shupert
    Guillermo Vallejo
    Jessica Eskew
    Brian Krehmeyer

    Comforter Afobunor
    Miles Cleveland
    Jon-Marc Coote
    Summer Cowart
    Emma Grace Anderson
    James Hufham
    Lawson Jones
    Corban Kwon
    Jocelyn Lopez
    Stafford McDaniel
    Lauren Nelson
    Lily Nydam
    Kyla Richardson
    Lucas Schelhammer
    Sophia Shaffer
    Paul Weidle
  • New Mexico

    Meagan Brooker
    Chris Cleveland
    Will Kimberlin
    Uta Nelson
    Catherine Penland

    Mitchell Badciong
    Paul Baisier
    Kendall Bowen
    Morgan Chisholm
    Sam Cleveland
    Hannah Fears
    Andrew Fleming
    Danielle Kelly
    Annie Langenbeck
    Cristo Martinez
    Mackenzie Maxwell
    Brenna McConnell
    Anna-Sophia Pinson
    Anna Rae Copeland
    Livi Stolle
    Bond Surber
    Sophie Villa
    Henry Wasmuth
    Drew Wren
    Cheniah Wright-Longbridge