Under the direction of the Head of School, who implements that policy, principals of the lower school, middle school and high school are responsible for all faculty and students in the respective schools.

Additionally, other administrators oversee the management of departments that include admissions, athletics, business and finance, Christian life, external affairs, development, fine arts, and operations.
Wesleyan School is directed by a Board of Trustees that oversees the financial well-being of the institution and plans for the future through setting appropriate policy.
Board of Trustees
Mark Adent
Claire Barnett
Rob Bennison
Rob Binion
Mark Chapman
Dan Cowart
Jamie Hamilton
Erika Laughlin
Stephanie Powell
Drew Prehmus '04
Billy Milam
Tom Menefee
Mike Nicklaus
Todd Ratliff
Yumi Shim
Danny Strickland
Anna Tanner
Sean Taylor
DeVane Tidwell
Chairman: Land Bridgers
Ex-Officio: Chris Cleveland
Board Assistant: Becky Cardwell
Headmaster Emeritus
Zach Young
Emeritus Trustees
Sherri Austin
Howard Bowen
Betty Crawford
Gerald Daws
Neal Freeman
Chip Groome
Helen Kenwright
Alice Ramsey
Paul Robertson
H. Bronson Smith
Jim Stephenson
Raymond Walker
William C. Warren
Bob Worthington