Department Chairs

Wesleyan's department chairs serve all school divisions by establishing, reviewing - and modifying when necessary - curriculum and course offerings for their subject area.

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Glenn Archer

    Glenn Archer 

    Bible Department Chair, Bible Teacher
  • Photo of Randy Cailor

    Randy Cailor 

    Director of STEM, STEM Teacher
  • Photo of Meg Foster

    Meg Foster 

    Director of Fine Arts, Chorus Teacher
  • Photo of Nancy Jones

    Nancy Jones 

    Lower School Dean of Counseling and Student Services, Director of Counseling
  • Photo of Anna Myrick

    Anna Myrick 

    Science Department Chair, Science Teacher
  • Photo of Chip Myrick

    Chip Myrick 

    Health and Physical Education Department Chair, Health and Physical Education Teacher

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Suzanne Ragains

    Suzanne Ragains 

    Modern and Classical Languages Department Chair, Modern and Classical Languages and Yearbook Teacher
  • Photo of Andy Randrup

    Andy Randrup 

    Math Department Chair, Math Teacher
  • Photo of Ted Russell

    Ted Russell 

    Social Sciences Department Chair, Social Sciences Teacher
  • Photo of Karyn Vickery

    Karyn Vickery 

    Director of Academic Support
  • Photo of Katie Wischerth

    Katie Wischerth 

    English Department Chair, English Teacher