Where Character, Stewardship, and Scholarship Are Held in High Esteem

Providing each student the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual foundation they need for college and for life is the purpose of Wesleyan’s high school. Academic and extracurricular offerings are deliberately crafted to ensure each student the opportunity to develop their talents and to connect them with resources and mentors to support them through high school.

The high school seeks to be a community of joy, where faculty and students share in the learning process, and where character, stewardship, and scholarship are held in high esteem. Encouraging students to be independent thinkers, faculty members are committed to instilling in students a love of learning and a concern for others by stressing the values of honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility. Ultimately, Wesleyan challenges and nurtures students to grow into responsible citizens prepared to lead and serve in an ever-changing world.

“Wesleyan strives to build relationships between student, parent, and teacher. The faculty, staff, and coaches at Wesleyan are committed to the teachable moments that influence and impact student lives academically, in the arts, athletically, and most importantly, as young adults who are growing within their faith journey.”

- Joseph Koch, high school principal

High school virtual tour

High School Curriculum

Wesleyan's high school offers a rigorous, yet supportive, academic environment tailored to cultivate critical thinking, effective communication, and time management. High school students have access to over 40 Advanced Placement (AP) and honors courses. For a detailed overview of the curriculum in high school, keep reading the curriculum overview below. Additionally, learn more about our AP Capstone and Honor Societies, through these links.

Christian Life in the High School

High school is a time when students grow in independence, explore who they are, and look ahead to life after graduation. At Wesleyan, we partner with parents to develop men and women of character who are exposed to the life-changing love of Jesus Christ.

Bible studies are offered at each grade level. Weekly chapel services are led by students and every student is assigned to a small group led by a faculty mentor they meet with on a weekly basis. Extensive international mission trip opportunities and local community service projects help students see the world beyond the borders of campus. To learn more about Christian Life at Wesleyan, keep reading here.

High School Administration

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Joseph Koch

    Joseph Koch 

    High School Principal, AP Capstone Teacher
  • Photo of Mary Blalock

    Mary Blalock 04

    High School Assistant Principal, Social Sciences Teacher
  • Photo of Josh Smith

    Josh Smith 

    High School Dean of Student Life, Social Sciences Teacher
  • Photo of Heidi Lloyd

    Heidi Lloyd 

    High School Counselor, Peer Leadership Teacher
  • Photo of Tracey McIntosh

    Tracey McIntosh 

    High School Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Isiah Hill

    Isiah Hill 

    High School Assistant Dean of Student Life, Science Teacher

Student Wellness

To support student wellness and health, Wesleyan incorporates a number of offerings and resources to cultivate and maintain healthy, well-rounded students.

These include:

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  • Grade Chairs

    Each grade level has a boys and girls grad chair to support students and parents throughout the school year. High school grade chairs serve as the first line of communication with parents and faculty in regard to the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth of high school students.
  • Mentor Groups

    Mentor groups are an advisory period in high school during which faculty members meet with students in small groups.  Research shows that student connectedness at school directly impacts performance academically and socially.  The goal of mentor groups is to teach valuable skills on leadership, academic success, and interpersonal interactions while also ensuring that each student has a deeper level of connection with at least one faculty member.
  • Resources

    Division and grade level meetings where faculty members and guest speakers educate students on topics like study skills, making safe choices off campus, college advising, and challenges to reduce technology usage, to name a few.
  • No homework nights and holidays

    To provide space for rest and time with family, Wesleyan designates four Family Nights per school year and holiday breaks as no homework periods. No homework is due and no assessments are scheduled on the day following these time periods.
  • Counseling and academic support

    On campus resources are available for students in both our counseling and academic support services departments. (Link to these pages)