Textbook Provider

We are excited to announce that the EdTech bookstore will open on Monday, July 1, 2024. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve your experience, we are transitioning to EdTech for purchasing Wesleyan textbooks and class materials. The EdTech store provides both digital and print formats, and partners with Amazon to help you find the best purchasing options for print books.

Buying 2024-2025 Textbooks

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  • Login Information

    • Go to wesleyanschool.shelfit.com
    • Login with the following credentials:
      • Username: Student’s school-issued email address
      • Password: Student's DOB (YYYY-MM-DD)
    • Note: The purchase of course materials is student specific. If you have more than one student at Wesleyan, you must log in with each student’s credentials to purchase their materials.
  • Purchasing Books

    • Select the Store option on the left-hand side panel.
    • Under Required Course Materials, you will see a list of required purchases for your student’s courses. Click View Course Materials to see details.
    • Courses listed separately may have additional books needed. Add these individually to your cart by clicking the Add To Cart button.
    • Once all necessary books and materials are in your cart, click the Proceed To Cart button.
    • Your shopping cart may include books fulfilled by either EdTech or Amazon.
    *Important Note: If the digital version of a textbook is listed as required for a course, it must be purchased. While you may also purchase a print version according to your student’s learning needs, classroom instruction will be based on the digital version.
  • Checkout Process

    • Enter your billing information and click Continue.
    • Select either internal credit or a credit card as your payment method. Complete all required fields and click Continue.
    • Confirm that all information is correct and click Place Order. Keep a record of the order confirmation number in case it is needed for support.
    • If any books are fulfilled by Amazon, click the Checkout on Amazon button to complete your purchase there.
    • To purchase materials for another student, log out, log in using the additional student’s login credentials, and repeat the process.
  • Accessing Digital Materials

    • Once purchased, students can access their digital class materials under the Resources tab in Blackbaud. A new tile titled Shelfit will house the online textbooks for the upcoming school year.


  • It is recommended that you buy all materials for both fall and spring semesters.
  • There will be a choice of new or used for some textbooks. EdTech used books are top quality.
  • Any used textbooks, paperbacks, or consumables should have little or no markings.
  • New for 2024-2025: All 2nd-10th (and new 11th-12th) grade students are required to purchase the Wesleyan student planner. New high school students will receive a free copy at orientation. The Wesleyan student planner is available for purchase through EdTech.
  • Students Admitted during the Summer: You must have a completed course list in order to purchase books. Once you have been through the course selection process, you will be able to purchase your textbooks using EdTech.


Please contact the technology department with any questions concerning textbooks.