These requirements represent the minimum qualifications for graduation.
Most Wesleyan students take more than the minimum and are encouraged to do so.

Minimum Graduation Requirements

  • English — 4 Units
    Required: All four years of English.
  • Mathematics — 4 Units
    Required: All four years of mathematics; must complete through Pre-Calculus or Algebra III.
  • Social Sciences — 3 Units
    Required: Modern World History, United States History, Economics, Government.
  • Science — 4 Units*
    Required: Biology, Chemistry, and a third lab science; students must take Environmental Science, Physics, or two semester electives.
  • Bible — 3 Units
    Required: Themes of the Old Testament; The Life of Jesus and the Book of Acts; four semesters of Bible electives.
  • Modern and Classical Languages — 3 Units
    Required: Three units of a single language in high school.
  • Physical Education — 1 Unit
    Required: Health and Fitness, plus an additional half credit of Physical Education. Note: The half credit of Physical Education may be earned through participation in three seasons of athletics, marching band, or color guard during the high school years.
  • Fine Arts/STEM — 1 Unit
    Required: Two, one-semester fine art or STEM electives or one year-long fine art or STEM elective or one-semester fine art elective and one-semester STEM elective.
Elective Credits — 2 Units
Total Credits — 25 Units

The Wesleyan program fulfills the requirements of the College Preparatory Curriculum established by the Board of Regents as standards for admission to Georgia junior colleges, senior colleges, and research universities.

*All students are required to successfully complete four units of Science in order to meet graduation requirements as set by the Georgia Board of Regents. Wesleyan will post a high school credit for successful completion of Physical Science taken the the 8th grade, and the student will then have to successfully complete three additional science units in grades nine through twelve. If a student does not take, or successfully complete, Physical Science in the 8th grade, he/she will have to earn four units of science in grades nine through twelve in order to graduate.