Lexile Measures

Lexile Measures are a tool used by teachers, parents, librarians and students to select books that provide the right level of difficulty for a student’s reading ability. If we determine how well a student reads and how hard a specific book is to comprehend, we are able to predict how well a student will understand the book. Finding books that are within a student’s comfort zone helps the student grow as a reader.
Lexile Measures are used to measure both a student’s reading ability and a book’s reading difficulty. By pairing a student’s Lexile Measure with a book’s Lexile Measure, students are able to find books that are challenging but not too easy or difficult. The student will have some level of difficulty with the book but not enough to get frustrated.
Lexile Measures are shown as a number followed by the letter “L”. The numbers range from 0L (beginner reader, or BR) to 2000L (advanced reader). The higher the number, the more skilled the student is at reading and the more difficult the text is to comprehend.

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Where do I find a Lexile Measure for my student?

    At Wesleyan, students in grades K-2nd grade receive Lexile Measures from the DIBELS assessment. Students in 3rd and 4th grades do not receive a Lexile Measure, but it is possible to estimate a student’s Lexile Measure. For information on how approximate a student Lexile Measure, visit the Lexile website and click the Tools tab to navigate to the Find a Book page.
  • Where do I find Lexile Measures for books?

    Lexile Measures for books may be easily found in the following locations:
  • How do I use Lexile Measures?

    Lexile Measures may be used to find "just right" books for your student. The first step is to calculate a reading range around the student’s Lexile Measure. This range is from 100L below to 50L above the student’s reported Lexile Measure. This range creates a reading "sweet spot" and should help you find books for your student that is not too easy or too difficult.
    Please note that it is fine to enjoy books above and below a student's Lexile range. However, the reader might find these books to be very easy or particularly challenging.
  • What is a Lexile Code?

    Some books are assigned an additional two letter code to provide extra information about the book. The Lexile codes are:
    • AD: Adult Directed
    • NC: Non-Conforming
    • HL: High-Low
    • IG: Illustrated Guide
    • GN: Graphic Novel
    • BR: Beginning Reading
    Click here for an explanation of each code on the Lexile website.
Grade Reader Measures
1st 300L
2nd 140L to 500L
3rd 330L to 700L
4th 445L to 810L
5th 565L to 910L
We hope that using Lexile Measures will help ease the frustration felt by many parents when trying to select books for their student. It is one of many tools available to help our students grow as readers. Always remember to make reading enjoyable and make reading a daily habit. Please continue to share books with your child and read aloud together, even when your child learns to read independently. Sharing books creates bonds that strengthen relationships and help a child grown emotionally as well as intellectually. For comprehensive information about Lexile Measures, please visit the Lexile website.