Create a classroom full of energy and creativity and stimulate a passion for the visual arts.

Visual Arts

As facilitators of art, our goal is to balance a strong curriculum with teaching students how to apply their creativity in order to set the stage for creative talent to flourish. Each student is mentored and shown the importance of patience, dedication, a strong work ethic, and creative thinking.  Wesleyan offers several different visual art courses for students to explore multiple mediums that will develop artistic skills and creativity at every level.

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  • Lower School Art

    Students participate in a co-curricular program that emphasizes the fundamentals of art. Lessons are designed to enhance each student's creative imagination and incorporate the skills necessary to perceive, analyze, and understand visual art techniques. For students in Kindergarten through 4th grade, art class meets once a rotation for 45 minutes.
  • Middle School Art

    In middle school, art classes are available as an elective. Classes are designed to prepare young minds for an increasingly visual culture. Through problem solving and critical thinking, students will begin to realize their own creative style and sensibility.

    5th Grade:
    5th Grade Art
    6th Grade:
    6th Grade Art
    7th Grade
    Art 1
    Digital Art 1
    8th Grade
    Art 1
    Art 2
    Digital Art 1
    Digital Art 2
    Advanced Art

    These classes, with the exception of Advanced Art, are only a semester-long. Advanced Art is a year-long class and is only available to 8th grade students that receive teacher recommendation and approval.
  • High School Art

    High school students who wish to continue pursuing an interest in the visual arts are offered a number of elective courses to choose from. Click here to view the high school visual arts course structure.

    First level courses:
    Foundations of Art
    Foundations of 2D Design
    Foundations of 3D Design
    Foundations of Digital Design

    Second level courses:
    2D Design Studio
    3D Design Studio
    Digital Photography Studio

    Third level courses:
    Advanced 2D Art*
    Advanced 3D Art*
    Advanced Photography

    Fourth level courses:
    AP Art Portfolio*

    *year-long course; all other courses are semester-long.
    • Visual Arts


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