Communal Worship is an integral part of a healthy walk with Christ. To that end, Wesleyan students are required to attend weekly chapel services in order to worship through music, prayer, and the study of scripture. Each division caters these services to the specific needs of their students, but all share the same goal – to glorify, honor and praise the name of Christ.
    • Chapel 1

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    • Chapel 3

Lower School

Lower school chapel provides our students a weekly opportunity to participate in worship. These chapel services are designed to promote a healthy understanding of non-denominational Bible study and praise. Students sing contemporary Christian songs, learn about godly character traits through Bible stories, and participate in prayer.

Middle School

Middle school chapel is designed to expose students to the word of God and Christian beliefs. This is accomplished by singing praise and worship songs led by middle school students and faculty, as well as weekly devotions given by middle school teachers. They share scripture as well as their own personal stories of faith and relationships with God.

High School

High school chapel is designed to share the Gospel in culturally relevant terms with students. The purpose is to have a corporate worship experience in which students have the opportunity to understand the reality of Jesus and respond to Him. Each service seeks to utilize the creative arts in order to engage the students in worship. Students also enjoy participating in worship as they sing a variety or praise choruses each week.