Alumni Athletes

Many of Wesleyan's student-athletes choose to continue their athletic career at some the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities; some alumni have even established careers as professional athletes. Since 1998, we have graduated close to 250 collegiate athletes.
If you know of any Wesleyan alumni we have inadvertantly missed in the list below, please send the athlete's information to Lori Stromie in the Athletic Department.

List of 22 items.

  • Class of 2019

    Tabitha Conrad
    Furman University - Lacrosse

    Liam Coxhead
    Mercer University - Soccer

    JD Kavel
    Wake Forest University - Football
  • Class of 2018

    Sam Dudley
    Reinhardt University - Football

    Katia Hanger
    Lipscomb University - Soccer

    Cassie Henning
    Georgetown University - Softball

    Maddie Lloyd
    Cedarville University - Volleyball

    Abraham Lopez
    Oglethorpe University - Soccer

    Meagan Lynch
    Georgia Southern University - Track

    Warner Peaks
    Oglethorpe University - Basketball

    Zach Peterson
    Furman University - Football

    Sadie Prince
    University of West Georgia - Soccer

    Amaya Register
    Old Dominion University - Basketball

    Mateo Rengifo
    Georgia State University - Football

    Tommy Tremble
    University of Notre Dame - Football

    Sutton West
    Furman University - Basketball

  • Class of 2017

    TJ Anderson 
    University of Louisville; University of Richmond - Soccer

    Natalie Armstrong  
    Samford University - Basketball

    Mikayla Coombs
    University of Connecticut - Basketball
    University of Georgia - Basketball

    Callen Davidson
    Davidson College - Football

    Bailey Edwards
    Rhodes College - Basketball

    Capri Frazier
    Berry College - Basketball

    Grant Frerking
    University of Tennessee - Football

    Abby Gardner
    Stanford University - Diving

    Justin Gustafson
    Sewanee: The University of the South -Baseball

    Colin Hall
    Georgia Tech - Baseball

    Jameson Kavel
    Duke - Softball

    Sophia Kidder
    University of Georgia - Cross Country

    Audrey Mangum
    Lafayette College - Volleyball

    Kate McCahan
    University of Notre Dame - Diving

    Sean McDonough
    Sewanee: The University of the South - Basketball

    Abigail Mitchell
    Clemson University - Soccer

    Adam Moon
    Samford University - Football

    Michael Payne
    College of Charleston - Baseball

    Noni Thompkins
    Tennessee Tech - Volleyball

    Katie Von Bargen
    Wake Forest University - Cheerleading

    Jordan Ward
    Jacksonville University - Baseball

    Ryan Weed
    Johns Hopkins University - Football

    Elisa Yang
    University of Georgia - Golf
  • Class of 2016

    Jordan Argilagos
    Dartmouth College – Football
    Andy Archer
    Georgia Tech – Baseball
    Cairo Booker
    Wofford College – Basketball
    Ellie Bradach
    Washington and Lee University – Cross Country and Track
    Tucker Cannon
    Mercer University – Football
    Sheridan Davenport
    Xavier University – Track and Field
    Jack Greer
    Washington College – Basketball
    Jalen Hodges
    Winthrop University – Track and Field
    Cedric Lynch
    Notre Dame College – Football
    Jordan Mack
    University of Virginia – Football
    Cole Mannion
    Holy Cross – Football
    Kevin Stipe
    Davidson College – Football
    Sophia Strickland
    Johns Hopkins University – Tennis
    Jordan Weaver
    Samford University – Football
  • Class of 2015

    Reggie Bynum
    Grinnell College – Basketball
    Mary Elizabeth Burke
    Georgia Tech – Cheerleading
    Caroline Cusick
    Georgia Tech – Cheerleading
    Lauren Frerking
    Georgia Tech – Volleyball
    Maddie Frye
    Georgia Tech – Cheerleading
    Carter Hall
    Georgia Tech – Baseball
    Jahmai Jones
    Los Angeles Angels – Baseball
    Kendra Koetter
    Georgia Southern University, UNC Chapel Hill – Volleyball
    Nikki McDonald
    Elon University – Basketball
    Louisiana Tech – Basketball
    Georgia Southern University - Basketball
    Sam McWhorter
    Samford University – Baseball
    Hope Morgan
    Columbus State University, Emory University – Soccer
    Ollis Robinson
    LaFayette College – Football
    Andrew Sauer
    United States Naval Academy – Baseball
    Christian Stark
    Samford University – Football
    Danielle Summers
    Rhodes College – Basketball
    Tony Taylor
    United States Naval Academy – Football
  • Class of 2014

    Grant Colton
    Samford University – Baseball
    Cort Coxhead
    Davidson – Soccer
    Keevana Edwards
    Stetson – Basketball
    Rollins College – Basketball
    Hannah Hoskin
    Washington and Lee University – Volleyball and Track
    Stuart Johnson
    Harvard – Football
    Trey Mannion
    Rhodes College – Baseball
    Aaron Smay
    Piedmont College – Lacrosse
    William Vance
    Rhodes College – Baseball
    Matt Zimmerman
    Berry College – Lacrosse
  • Class of 2013

    Taylor Blackmon
    Kennesaw State University – Basketball
    Will Clifton
    Georgia College and State University – Basketball
    Abbey Coppenger
    University of Georgia – Cheerleading
    Rhett Delk
    Washington and Lee University – Football and Wrestling
    Katie Frerking
    Auburn University – Basketball
    Brandon Gilliam
    Emory – Football
    Henry College – Football
    Rachel Koch
    Vanderbilt University – Swimming
    Miles Laughlin
    Birmingham Southern College – Lacrosse
    Charles Mack
    University of Richmond – Football
    Jennifer Miller
    Texas Christian University – Volleyball
    Paige Mosley
    Clemson University – Basketball
    Brandon Moss
    East Tennessee University – Baseball
    Jaye Rochell
    University of Tennessee – Football
    Holly Robertson
    Samford University – Cheerleading
    Cody Solomon
    Washington and Lee University – Golf
    Brittany Stevens
    Samford University – Basketball
    Kendra Talley
    Presbyterian College – Basketball
    CaraMia Tsirigos
    Indiana University – Softball
  • Class of 2012

    Ali Ables
    United States Air Force Academy – Gymnastics
    Callie Bivings
    Georgia Tech – Volleyball
    Missy Byrd
    United States Air Force Academy – Basketball
    Kaelyn Causwell
    University of Georgia – Basketball
    Sheldon Connor
    Georgia Gwinnett College – Baseball
    Mason Colquitt
    Georgia College and State University – Baseball
    Jordan Frazier
    Wofford College – Basketball
    Bradley Gossett
    Furman University – Cross Country and Track
    Lauren Hall
    University of Hawaii – Diving
    Josh King
    Centre College – Football
    Anthony McMurry
    Florida State University – Swimming
    Texas Christian University – Swimming
    Nick Salyers
    University of Georgia – Swimming
    Shane Smith
    United States Military Academy – Basketball
    Ben Spears
    Mercer University – Baseball
    Cole Warren
    Furman University – Track
    Frank Warren
    Georgia Gwinnett College – Baseball
    Georgia Regents University – Baseball
    Holli Wilkins
    Furman University – Basketball
    Zander Yost
    United States Naval Academy – Football
    Georgia Southern – Football
  • Class of 2011

    David Andrews
    University of Georgia – Football
    Grace Leah Baughn
    Pepperdine – Basketball
    Cliff Bell
    Birmingham-Southern – Football
    Connor Breslin
    Birmingham-Southern – Lacrosse
    Bobby Chambless
    University of Georgia – Diving
    Norman Chang
    Furman University – Tennis
    Andrew Frerking
    Baylor – Football
    Trey Gregory
    Texas Christian University – Football
    Will Gregory
    University of Georgia – Swimming
    Merritt Hall
    University of Georgia – Football
    Gardner Heaner
    Samford – Baseball
    Zach Hernandez
    University of Florida – Diving
    Kyle Karempelis
    University of Georgia – Football
    Brittany Mitchell
    Eckerd College – Softball
    Jordan Pope
    Wofford – Football
    Brinson Porter
    Samford – Football
    Erika Ramsey
    University of Georgia – Cross Country and Track
    McKenzie Stanford
    Georgia Southern – Soccer
    Michael Reynolds
    Cornell – Swimming
  • Class of 2010

    Ian Barnard
    Appalachian State – Football
    Davis Brown
    Sewanee – Lacrosse
    Daniel Cardwell
    Mercer – Baseball
    Haley Collins
    UNC Wilmington – Volleyball
    Grace Cowart
    Covenant College – Basketball
    Jimmy Dugal
    Birmingham Southern – Football
    Christopher Duvall
    Wake Forest – Soccer
    Bobby Fulton
    Hampden-Sydney – Lacrosse
    Erin Hall
    Wake Forest – Basketball
    College of Charleston – Basketball
    Anna Keappler
    Eckerd – Volleyball
    Berry – Volleyball
    Logan Morris
    Wofford – Basketball
    Anderson Porter
    Birmingham Southern – Football
    Brandon Ramsey
    Lee University – Cross Country and Track
    Griffin Schamp
    Birmingham Southern – Basketball
    Scott Schroer
    Georgia Tech – Football
    Devin Stanton
    Georgia Tech – Baseball
    Kevin O'Leary
    Furman – Baseball
    Tennessee – Baseball
    Conor Welton
    University of Georgia – Baseball
    Strother White
    Rhodes – Baseball
  • Class of 2009

    Anne Marie Armstrong
    University of Georgia – Basketball
    Reed Bennett
    Rhodes College – Soccer
    Barrett Binion
    Rhodes College – Golf
    Colin Genthert
    NC State – Wrestling
    Chantel Kennedy
    Colorado State – Basketball
    Kennesaw State – Basketball
    Josh Parrish
    University of Georgia – Football
    Andrew Patrick
    Virginia Military Institute – Football
    Paige Pickert
    Furman – Soccer
    Brent Pugh
    Georgia Southern University – Baseball
    Clara Raugei
    Mount Holyoke – Lacrosse
    J.J. Russell
    Presbyterian – Football
    Jane Strader
    Sewanee, University of the South – Soccer
  • Class of 2008

    Billy Dugal
    Southern Methodist University – Football
    Derren Evans
    Presbyterian – Football
    Grayson Garvin
    Vanderbilt – Baseball
    Matt Gossett
    Washington and Lee – Cross Country and Track
    Megan Green
    University of Georgia – Cheerleading
    Josh Johnson
    Fordham – Football
    Dillon McLaughlin
    LaGrange – Basketball
    James Ramsey
    Florida State – Baseball
    Kevin Ruiz
    University of Georgia – Baseball
    Betsy Smith
    University of Florida – Volleyball
    Kelby Smith
    The Citadel – Wrestling
    Tanner Smith
    Clemson – Basketball
    Erik Strong
    Oglethorpe – Basketball
    Samir Tejpaul
    Georgetown – Football
    Howard "Trey" Thompkins
    University of Georgia – Basketball
    Ben Tucker
    Gordon College – Baseball
    Connor Winn
    Georgia Tech – Baseball
  • Class of 2007

    Rick Anderson
    Georgia Southern University – Baseball
    Parker Brunelle
    Florida State University – Baseball
    Sarah Delk
    Brown University – Basketball
    Kyle Edwards
    Reinhardt College – Baseball
    Mary Elston Heaner
    Wofford College – Tennis
    Kelly Hall
    University of Georgia – Cheerleading
    Erin King
    University of South Carolina – Cheerleading
    Patrick Luckhurst
    Lynchburg College – Lacrosse
    Andy Merlino
    Washington and Lee University – Football
    Meg Reynolds
    University of Notre Dame – Swimming
    Kip Thompson
    The Citadel – Wrestling
    Caiti Troyer
    Trinity University – Volleyball
    Alison Watt
    University of Georgia – Basketball
    Edward Van Winkle
    Presbyterian College – Football
  • Class of 2006

    Steven Brown
    Lehigh University – Football

    Nicole Fenner
    James Madison University – Volleyball

    Holly Humphries

    North Carolina State – Cheerleading

    Bobby Jackson

    Trinity College – Football

    Chris Jensen

    William and Mary – Baseball

    Adam Johnson

    Eckerd College – Baseball

    Ty Johnson

    Lynchburg College – Baseball

    Lé Lé LeSeur

    Bucknell University – Basketball

    Chip Metzger

    Wheaton – Football

    Tony Plagman

    Georgia Tech – Baseball

    Caitlin Reynolds

    Stanford – Swimming

    Robert Watters

    Presbyterian – Lacrosse

    Brandon White

    Baylor – Cross Country

    Carolyn Whitney

    Georgia Southern University – Basketball

    Elise Whitney

    Georgia Southern University – Basketball

    Amaris Wilson

    Oglethorpe University – Basketball

    Jenna Worsham

    Washington and Lee – Swimming
  • Class of 2005

    Justin Baughn
    Samford University – Football

    Carter Brunelle
    Baylor University – Football

    Kate Hausmann
    College of Charleston – Track and Field

    Michael Hutts
    Georgia Tech – Baseball

    Kasey Kaspar
    University of Georgia – Soccer

    Tyler King
    Wheaton University – Football
    Baylor University – Football

    Sarah Moye
    College of Charleston – Basketball

    Courtney Sanders
    Davidson College – Swimming

    Quin Watson
    The Citadel – Football

    Webb Worthington
    University of Georgia – Diving
  • Class of 2004

    Sara Ballard
    Georgia Tech – Diving

    Chad Hall
    Air Force – Football

    Chase Howe
    Coastal Carolina – Football

    Stephen Dodson
    University of Georgia – Baseball

    Nikki Luckhurst
    Tulane University– Basketball

    Harrison Meadows
    Furman– Cross Country and Track

    Mike Pope
    Millsaps – Football

    Drew Prehmus
    Hampden-Sydney College – Basketball

    Geoff Rowson
    Wheaton – Football

    Trent Sawyer
    SMU – Football

    Holly Stewart
    Furman – Cross Country and Track

    Alex Walendziak
    Catholic University – Soccer
  • Class of 2003

    Lauren Blankenship
    Samford University – Cross Country and Track

    Brinker Dailey
    Rutgers – Soccer

    Cristan Duvall
    Georgia Tech – Cross Country

    David Jackson
    Stanford University – Football

    Liz McCutcheon
    Appalachian State – Soccer

    Katie Michel
    Appalachian State – Soccer

    Andrew Moore
    Coastal Carolina – Football
  • Class of 2002

    Brooke Binion
    SMU – Soccer
    Appalachian State – Soccer

    Ryan Gibadlo
    Bridgewater College – Basketball
    Brevard – Basketball

    Jenny Hall
    Florida State University – Cheerleading

    Caroline Kramer
    Gettysburg College – Swimming

    Dustin Orth
    Truett-McConnell – Soccer
    Wofford – Soccer

    Anna Sheppard
    Presbyterian College – Basketball

    Ashleigh Walendziak
    Wingate – Soccer
  • Class of 2001

    Dana Birnie
    Presbyterian College – Basketball

    Eric Broe
    Florida State University – Football

    Reed Dailey
    St. John’s University – Soccer

    Jake Humphrey
    Samford University – Football

    Courtney Kovanis
    Purdue – Softball

    Stephanie Miles
    University of Tennessee at Chattanooga – Tennis

    Vic Moore
    Vincennes – Swimming

    Ryan Nelson
    Presbyterian – Tennis

    Ryan Nord
    Washington and Lee – Football

    Annika Sundell
    Rollins College – Volleyball

    Allison Tebbe
    Presbyterian – Softball
  • Class of 2000

    Allen Marsh
    Furman University – Football

    Heather Orth
    Oglethorpe University – Soccer

    Dawson Strickland
    Presbyterian College – Football

    Scott Szurovy
    United States Naval Academy – Football

    Ryan Williams
    Samford University – Baseball
  • Class of 1999

    Phil Bartkowski
    University of Hawaii – Baseball
    Jacksonville State – Baseball
  • Class of 1998

    Peyton Warren
    Reinhardt University  – Tennis

Alumni Athlete News

List of 10 news stories.

  • Kavel Earns Three Awards to Lead Duke Softball

    Congratulations to Jameson Kavel, class of 2017, who earned 3 different awards at the end of season banquet for the Duke softball team. Kavel won the MVP Award, Golden Spikes Award, and the Golden Glove Award for the Blue Devils. See story here.
  • Armstrong Earns All So-Con Honors for Samford

    Congratulations to Natalie Armstrong, class of 2017 and Samford University standout, who was named First Team All-Southern Conference by the coaches and media. See story here.
  • Booker Named to Southern Conference All Defensive Team

    Congratulations to Cairo Booker, class of 2016, who earned All Defensive Team honors by the Southern Conference for the second year in a row. See story here.
  • Hodges Wins Third BCS Conference Title

    Congratulations to Jalen Hodges, class of 2016, who won the conference championship in the high jump for Winthrop University. See story here.
  • Archer ('16) Eager to Return to Action for the Jackets

    Andy Archer, class of 2016 and redshirt junior for Georgia Tech, looks forward to returning to the mound after elbow surgery forced him to sit out last season. See story here.
  • Armstrong Earns Conference Athlete of the Month Honors

    Congratulations to Natalie Armstrong, class of 2017, who was named Southern Conference Athlete of the Month for her performance on the basketball court for the Samford Bulldogs. See story here.
  • Hodges Wins High Jump in Season Opener for Winthrop

    Congratulations to Jalen Hodges, class of 2016, who won the high jump title for Winthrop University in their season opener at the Thundering Herd Invitational at Marshall University over the weekend. See story here.
  • 2020 Athletics Circle of Honor Inductions

    Congratulations to Cort Coxhead '14, Rhett Delk '13, and Kelly Hall Stafford '07 who were inducted into the Wesleyan Athletics Circle of Honor on Friday evening.
  • Strickland Named to All-Decade Tennis Team

    Congratulations to Sophia Strickland, class of 2016, who was named to the Women's Tennis All-Decade Team for Johns Hopkins. Strickland, a team captain who plays #2 singles and #1 doubles, was one of two active players to receive this honor, along with her current doubles partner. See story here.
  • Love of Baseball Remains Strong for Hall

    A career-ending back injury as a freshman at Georgia Tech derailed plans for Carter Hall (class of 2015) to continue his baseball career, but his hopes of working in professional baseball in a non-playing compacity remain strong. See story here.