Athletic Circle of Honor

The Wesleyan Athletic Circle of Honor was created in 2007 to show appreciation to members of the Wesleyan community who have made significant contributions to Wesleyan athletics.
Those chosen for induction into the Athletic Circle of Honor have influenced our community through their ability, dedication, and service to our athletic program while at Wesleyan and following their graduation.

Nomination Process

Anyone may nominate for the Athletic Circle of Honor. All nominations go before the Executive Committee prior to going before the full Nominating Committee. After the Executive Committee has fully vetted all nominees, the full Nominating Committee will vote on who moves forward to the Head Coaches Committee for final voting on induction.  Nominations will remain before the Nominating Committee for a period of two years.  Following that two-year period, a candidate must be re-nominated in order to be considered by the Executive Committee and/or the Nominating Committee.  

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  • Nomination Criteria for Alumni

    The following will be considered when nominating and selecting alumni to the Athletic Circle of Honor:

    • Nominees will have a waiting period of at least five years from their high school graduation date.
    • Nominees will have made a significant contribution to one or more of Wesleyan's athletic programs.  
    • Nominees will have demonstrated good citizenship in high school or will have a demonstrated track record of significant and positive contributions to society since graduation, or both.
    • Nominees will exhibit excellence in personal and/or professional life after Wesleyan graduation.
    • Nominees must have made immense contributions to one division of the sport to be considered for selection; however, excellence in multiple sports is preferred.
  • Nomination Criteria for Friends of Athletics

    The following will be considered when nominating and selecting friends (coaches and others) to the Athletic Circle of Honor:

    • Nominees may include but are not limited to coaches and friends of the program who are no longer associated with Wesleyan athletics.
    • Nominees must have made a significant contribution to Wesleyan athletics.
    • Nominees must be exemplary role models for the students of Wesleyan.
    • Nominees must exhibit excellence in personal and professional life after their time at Wesleyan.
    • Nominees may no longer be employed at Wesleyan.

Selection Process

The Head Coaches Committee will vote via secret ballot after the nominating meeting. In an effort to support the philosophy and need of the school to encourage all student-athletes to be multi-sport participants, the voting requirement for single-sport athletes will be 80% for induction as opposed to a 2/3 vote for multi-sport athletes. Earning a varsity letter in at least two sports as a senior is required to meet the definition of being a multi-sport participant.
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All inductees will be notified by the Athletic Department of acceptance into the Athletic Circle of Honor before a public announcement is made. Names of nominees will not be announced to the public.

Athletic Circle of Honor

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  • Inductees

    Clark Walker2001
    Dana Birnie2001
    Lauren Blankenship2003
    Cristan Duvall2003
    Nikki Luckhurst2004
    Drew Prehmus2004
    Chad Hall2004
    Sarah Moye2005
    Stephen Dodson2004
    Brian KennerlyFaculty 2001-2009
    Tony Plagman2006
    Carolyn Whitney2006
    Elise Whitney2006
    Webb Worthington2005
    Will JacksonFaculty 1997-2005
    Coach 2006-2012
    James Ramsey2008
    Grayson Garvin2008
    Betsy Smith2008
    Caitlin Reynolds Dwelley2006
    Tanner Smith2008
    Devin Stanton2010
    Conor Welton2010
    Zach YoungHeadmaster Emeritus
    Grace Leah Baughn2011
    Erin Hall2010
    Kyle Karempelis2011
    Erika Ramsey2011
    Logan Morris Almond2010
    Anne Marie Armstrong2009
    Lauren Hall2012
    Chris Duvall2010
    Katie Frerking2013
    Holli Wilkins2012
    Bob WorthingtonContributor to the Athletic Program
    Kelly Hall Stafford2007
    Rhett Delk2013
    Cort Coxhead2014
    Jenny Hall Winter2002
    CaraMia Tsirigos2013
    Cairo Booker2016
    Tucker Cannon2016
    Jameson Kavel2017
    Kylie Reed2016
    Zach Hernandez2011
    Jahmai Jones2015
    Jordan Mack2016
    Sutton West2018


Honorees will be given a commemorative gift and a duplicate of a plaque that will bear a Bible verse of their choosing and will hang in the lobby of the Yancey Gymnasium. Inductees will be honored at a home varsity basketball game and must attend in order to be inducted. The website will have a list of all inductees.

Nominations for the 2023-2024 school year are open through September 6, 2023. Submissions made after this date will be considered for the 2024-2025 school year. 
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