After School

In our After Care program, students in Kindergarten through 8th grade are offered on-campus supervision until 6:30pm on all regularly scheduled school days. Parents may register by the semester or by the day.

Lower School After Care

After Care is located in Warren Hall. Lower School students will be dismissed to the cafeteria where they will be provided a snack, study, hall, and play time. Children attending an enrichment class will be picked up and brought to their designated after school class.

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Middle School Extended Care

Middle School students participating will go to Chapman Library until 4 p.m. if they do not have an after-school activity.  High School students will be in the library to assist with homework, and when the library closes at 4 pm, students will be escorted to Dozier Library, located in Warren Hall. Students may join extended care after their extra-curricular activity.

Chapman Library is not open past 3pm on Friday’s, students attending Extended Day will check-in at Dozier library in Warren Hall.

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  • For $350 each semester, you have unlimited access to our after care program, or you can pay by the day at a rate of $20 per day.
  • Students attending an after school enrichment class may join after care when their activity is over at no additional charge.

After Care and Extended Care on Early Release Days

New for 2018-2019, After Care and Extended Care will be offered on early release days! Students enrolled during these days will be provided lunch and will be grouped according to age and gender for supervised and structured play time. There is a $50 per child per day fee. Study hall time with high school student helpers will also be available for middle school students. Below are the list of scheduled early release days for the coming school year.  Click here to enroll.

2018-2019 Early Release Days
  • 10/31/18
  • 12/12/18 (7th/8th grade students only)
  • 12/13/18 (7th/8th grade students only)
  • 12/14/18 (7th/8th grade students only)
  • 12/18/18 (7th/8th grade students only)
  • 3/5/19
  • 3/15/19
  • 4/18/19
  • 5/21/19 (7th/8th grade students only)
  • 5/22/19 (7th/8th grade students only)
  • 5/23/19


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