Tuition Transparency

We are proud of our tuition because it reflects the standard of excellence that we strive for as an institution. Our goal is to be transparent about the cost of tuition and show you that affording Wesleyan might be easier than you think.
Wesleyan School is 100% debt free so your tuition dollars never go to pay off buildings, programmatic investments, or other sources of debt incurred by the school.
Other schools may charge additional fees for certain products and services; we have collected data and created a document to explain what is already included in Wesleyan's tuition as it compares to other schools in the area.
Tuition at Wesleyan includes fees that other schools add in as additional charges to parents.

Tuition Comparison Guide

Use the documents below as a guide to ask questions on school visits and discover the true cost of tuition.

Payment Information

An advance payment of 20% is due at the time of enrollment.
Remaining tuition may be paid in full on July 1 or in two payments with the final payment due November 1.

Be Prepared

Families should anticipate paying for student textbooks, school uniforms, and occasional program fees in addition to tuition.

Investing in an Education

We understand that sending a child to Wesleyan is a significant investment for your family, but it is the best investment you'll ever make.
When you invest in Wesleyan, you are investing in your child's spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social growth. 

2019 - 2020 Tuition

$17, 440
Pre-First - 4th Grade
$20, 125
5th Grade - 6th Grade
$23, 075
7th Grade - 12th Grade
$24, 900


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