Meeting each child where they are

Wesleyan's middle school is intentional in allowing your child to begin taking responsibility for his or her own learning and actions while developing independence in a nurturing environment.

Middle school is a time for students to explore new opportunities that are crucial to their development. Our campus, courses, and extracurricular activities are designed to help each child navigate their strengths, interests, and passions in an encouraging and supportive setting during these formative years.

“Our faculty members are not just making lesson plans, grading papers, sending emails, or coaching a sport. We are building a foundation for Christ to be in the hearts and minds of our students.”

- Joseph Antonio, middle school principal

Middle school virtual tour

Middle School Curriculum

The middle school acts as a bridge between the lower and high schools. It is a time for students to begin to explore a variety of activities, discover their gifts, take responsibility for their own learning, and develop effective study habits.

For a detailed overview of the curriculum in the middle school, keep reading here.

Student Life

Middle school students increasingly have the opportunity to participate in sports, clubs, and other activities both during and outside of the regular school day.
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Christian Life in The Middle School

In middle school, the aim of our faculty is to build a foundation for Christ to be in the hearts and minds of our students.  By meeting students where they are and helping them learn to accept the person God made them to be, faculty come alongside students to help them grow to reach their full potential.

All students attend chapel weekly and all grades enjoy an annual overnight retreat to build relationships between students and to explore their faith individually and collectively. Each grade level offers an early morning Bible study approximately twice per month. Beginning in eighth grade, students may apply to participate on the eighth-grade mission trip over spring break.

Explore Wesleyan’s full Christian Life program here.

Middle School Administration

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  • Photo of Joseph Antonio

    Joseph Antonio 

    Middle School Principal, Math Teacher
  • Photo of Rich Billing

    Rich Billing 

    Middle School Dean of Student Life, Grade Level Retreat Coordinator, Bible Teacher
  • Photo of DiAndrea Brown

    DiAndrea Brown 

    Middle School Counselor, Life Skills Teacher, Middle School Diversity Coordinator
  • Photo of Sean Nestor

    Sean Nestor 

    Middle School Counselor, Life Skills Teacher
  • Photo of Jennifer Russell

    Jennifer Russell 

    Middle School Administrative Assistant
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Student Wellness

To support student wellness and health, Wesleyan incorporates a number of offerings and resources to cultivate and maintain healthy, well-rounded students. These include:

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  • Grade Chairs

    Each grade level has a boys and girls grade chair to support students and parents throughout the school year. Middle school grade chairs serve as the first line of communication with parents and faculty in regard to the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth of middle school students.
  • Pack Time

    Pack Time is an advisory period in middle school during which faculty members meet with students in small groups.  The groups are separated by gender and pair 5th grade with 6th grade and 7th grade with 8th grade.  Research shows that student connectedness at school directly impacts performance academically and socially.  The goal of Pack Time is to teach valuable skills on leadership, academic success, and interpersonal interactions while also ensuring that each student has a deeper level of connection with at least one faculty member.
  • Resources

    Middle school hosts division and grade level meetings where faculty members and guest speakers educate students on topics like study skills, a balanced approach to using technology, social skills, and personal safety online, to name a few.
  • No Homework Nights and Holidays

    To provide space for rest and time with family, Wesleyan designates four Family Nights per school year and holiday breaks as no homework periods.

    Family Nights are planned throughout the course of the school year to give the community an evening on which you can spend time as a family without schoolwork and events encroaching on that time.

    No homework is due and no assessments are scheduled on the day following these time periods.
  • Physical Activity

    At Wesleyan, middle school students still have recess! We call them breaks and students are encouraged to enjoy games of catch, four square, and more on the quad. Students also have PE every day at each grade level (excluding 9 weeks in 5th grade for their Life Skills program).

  • Counseling and academic support

    On-campus resources are available for students in both our counseling and academic support services departments