Counseling and Guidance

Wesleyan School has implemented a comprehensive guidance counseling program consisting of four components: individual planning, responsive services, system support and guidance curricula.
The Lower School Counseling Program aims to help all students grow in their personal, social, and academic skills. The program also helps students manage challenges that may arise during the school year. The counselor is available for individual meetings with students at the request of the student, teacher, or parent, in order to work toward productive action at school and at home.

The Middle School Guidance Counselor provides emotional and spiritual support to students in grades 5 through 8, their parents, and the faculty.

The High School Counselor assists in meeting the needs of students, parents and faculty by offering supportive and responsive services. The counselor also manages the accommodations program at Wesleyan and general guidance topics addressed to the student body.
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List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Nancy Jones

    Nancy Jones 

    Counseling and Student Services Department Chair, Dean of Counseling and Student Services
  • Photo of Kristen Bell

    Kristen Bell 

    Lower School Counselor
  • Photo of DiAndrea Brown

    DiAndrea Brown 

    Middle School Counselor, Life Skills Teacher, Middle School Diversity Coordinator
  • Photo of Sean Nestor

    Sean Nestor 

    Middle School Counselor, Life Skills Teacher
  • Photo of Heidi Lloyd

    Heidi Lloyd 

    High School Counselor
  • Photo of Amy Barrett

    Amy Barrett 

    High School Counselor