Summer School

Wesleyan is pleased to offer a forward-credit summer school opportunity for all current high school students. Students can take a required course offered during the summer session to free up schedule space for other academic or elective classes during the school year.

This year, summer school will be offered June 5–June 23.
Classes will take place Monday–Friday from 9:30am–1:30pm.
Students have the option to register for 180 Degree Theology or Global Justice and Ethics.
The fee for each course is $950 per student; checks should be made payable to Wesleyan School. Please note the student name on the memo line and deliver the payment to Lori Stromie in the high school office.
Books and lunch are not included in tuition, and lunch is not provided.

Course Descriptions

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  • 180 Degree Theology

    Kali Jones

    With a primary emphasis on the book of Romans, this course will investigate Paul, the world’s most influential writer. Beginning with an overview of his life, this course will study Paul’s conversion and how that transformation has profoundly impacted the world ever since. While the four gospels describe Jesus’ ministry and death, in Romans, Paul examines the significance of that death and proclaims the radical doctrine of salvation by God’s grace.
    The objective of this course is for students to understand the counter-cultural message of the gospel, its diagnosis of and solution to the world’s problems, and its precepts for living a godly life in contemporary society.

    There is no required text for this course.
  • Global Justice and Biblical Ethics

    Josh Smith

    This course is designed to introduce students to issues of social justice, and to examine God’s call for His people to act justly and to love mercy (Micah 6:8). Topics to be explored include: world poverty and disease, genocide, the disparity of income among people and societies, justice for the weak and powerless of society, and human trafficking.
    The objectives of this course include students hearing and responding to God’s call by focusing on the message of the Old Testament prophets and to address social justice issues by applying the foundational principles of Biblical ethics.

    Required Text
    Good News About Injustice by Gary Haugen (ISBN 978-0-8308-3710-6)

Registration Form

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Wesleyan reserves the right to cancel a course that has insufficient enrollment. Since there is limited enrollment, prompt completion of registration is advisable.
We also reserve the right to change faculty assignments if necessary.


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  • Grades

    Students will earn grades in their summer courses. These grades will appear on their official transcripts and be included in their overall GPA calculation.
  • Attendance Policy

    Due to the accelerated nature of these courses, there are strict rules regarding attendance. Any student with more than one absence will be removed from the course, not given credit, and issued a prorated refund.
  • Homework

    Students should expect each course to average up to one hour of homework per night.
  • Dress Code

    Students are expected to be neat, clean, and well-groomed at all times. Clothing should be in good condition – without frays, patches or tears – and free of inappropriate messages or advertisements. All shirts and blouses must have sleeves and cover the midriff.


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    Joseph Koch 

    High School Principal, AP Capstone Teacher
  • Photo of Mary Blalock

    Mary Blalock 04

    High School Assistant Principal, Social Sciences Teacher
  • Photo of Josh Smith

    Josh Smith 

    High School Dean of Student Life, Social Sciences Teacher
  • Photo of Heidi Lloyd

    Heidi Lloyd 

    High School Counselor, Peer Leadership Teacher
  • Photo of Tracey McIntosh

    Tracey McIntosh 

    High School Administrative Assistant
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    Isiah Hill 

    High School Assistant Dean of Student Life, Science Teacher