Christian life examines the foundation of stewardship

Throughout the school year, Wesleyan’s Christian life department leads our students and faculty in examining various foundations of the Christian faith. Each month our community has focused on and learned about a different discipline of faith, and the focus for April is stewardship.    
In Matthew 25, the parable of the talents demonstrates the importance of good stewardship. The parable describes a man who is going on a journey and entrusts his staff with money while he is gone. Two of the staff members were good stewards and invested the money, but the third simply hid the money away. When the man returned, he praised the two who had invested wisely and entrusted them with even more. 

“Being a good steward is all about faithfulness,” explains Greg Lisson, director of Christian life. “It means you are faithfully using what you’ve been given in order to glorify God and love others.” 

We best practice good stewardship when we receive gifts with gratitude, care for and wisely cultivate the gift, and share and spread the benefits of the gift to bless others. 

“God expects us to use His gifts to love and care for the people around us. That’s how he tells the difference between His followers and the rest of the world,” explains Lisson. 

This month, as we reflect on the foundation of stewardship, students will be challenged to reflect on all they have been given by God and consider how they can use their resources, gifts, and relationships to honor Him.