Wolf Players present "Silent Sky"

On Thursday, April 4, the Wolf Players performed their opening show of Lauren Gunderson’s “Silent Sky.” 
Two separate casts told the story of a 19th-century astronomer named Henrietta Leavitt who redefined our understanding of the cosmos. 

I was interested in providing opportunities to as many students as possible. While this unorthodox way of putting on a show with two casts presented several challenges during rehearsals, it also offered both me and the students involved a truly unique opportunity to closely observe the nuances that each individual brought to their respective roles,” reflects Caroline Mitchell ‘15, high school theater director.  

Mitchell applauds each cast member for their growth in dramaturgy. She also notes that each student grew their confidence as a performer throughout the production. 

“I think students overcame many challenges during this process, but the one that stands out the most to me is overcoming the comparison trap that you can easily find yourself in, especially when you are so closely watching others work on the same script or role you are. Like I mentioned earlier, they have owned the unique traits they alone have brought to the roles instead of negatively comparing themselves with the other performers, and that is a piece of freedom that I hope will stay with them as their journey in theater (or outside of theater) continues,” reflects Mitchell. 
Way to go, Wolf Players!