Wesleyan hosts a career exploration panel with alumni for high school students

On Tuesday, March 26, high school juniors attended a career exploration workshop that featured an alumni panel. The alumni panel included engineer Emma Galarza ‘15, nurse Katie McLaughlin ‘15, financial advisor Nick Eversbusch ‘17, and attorney Daniel Gholston ‘99. 
The panel provided students with an opportunity to learn more about professional fields of interest from people who sat in the very same seats as them. Alumni panelists answered questions about how they chose their profession, daily routines and expectations, career challenges they must overcome, and strengths that help them to excel.  

“Giving our students access to insights and details that provide firsthand knowledge on things they’re thinking about, especially as they move into the landscape of applying for colleges, fits the mission of Wesleyan,” explains Joseph Koch, high school principal. 

 “Some schools tend to place too much focus on the college application/acceptance process for admissions. At Wesleyan, we feel that there is also an obligation to prepare our students for career exploration and give them opportunities to consider who they want to be beyond college.” 

Thank you, Emma, Katie, Nick, and Daniel, for returning to Wesleyan to share your knowledge and experience with our current students.