Wesleyan community commits to pray for and encourage those serving on mission trips

On Friday, March 8, Wesleyan students, faculty, and parents gathered for the annual Missions Commissioning Service to send off those serving on a Wesleyan mission trip over spring break. 
Chris Cleveland, head of school, opened the service by explaining that the Christian life foundation for the month of March is evangelism. 

“This is a chapel of celebration,” smiled Cleveland. “The world needs the hope of Jesus.” 

Jen Sheppard, assistant director of Christian life: missions and retreats, explained that evangelism is sharing the good news of Jesus and communicating His love to those around us. She described how God sees us, sends us, and sustains us, and she invited former mission trip leaders to share about these different aspects of evangelism. 

Tish Buzby, kindergarten teacher who served in New Mexico last year, reflected on the beauty and mystery of being seen by God. Ryder Smithson ‘33 read Psalm 139:7-12, which tells of how we cannot escape God’s presence because He always sees us and is always with us.  

Muna Okeke ‘25 read Romans 10:14-15, and Dr. Adonnis Jules, high school Bible teacher who served in the Dominican Republic last year, shared about how God sends us. He reminded students that ultimately God will always accomplish His purpose, but mission trips present a unique opportunity to partner with the Lord by saying “yes” to His call.  

“Perhaps you were created for such a time as this,” encourages Jules.  

Cooper Brammer ‘28 read about God’s sustaining power in 2 Corinthians 12:8-10, and James Gregory, middle school science teacher who served in New Mexico last year, reminded students that God will give them what they need. 

“We are unqualified to do anything apart from God,” explains Gregory. 

To close, senior Ginny Kate McDaniel sang “the Commission Song,” which includes Jesus' clear and simple challenge to “go tell the world about me.” Audience members committed to pray for and encourage students embarking on mission trips before sending each team out. 

Thank you to our missions teams for the courage to serve and to everyone who attended today’s service and committed to praying for our students.