Pre-first students share the Gospel through Fish Tales

On Wednesday, February 6, pre-first students invited their audience to reflect on the Gospel story of Jesus’s death and resurrection.  
During a fishing tournament in Bowen Cafetorium, the organizer of the tournament ensures that all competitors know about the story of Jesus and how He rose from the grave.  
Pre-first students celebrated the empty tomb with song, proclaiming “He’s not here! He is alive!” 
“Our hope with Fish Tales is that pre-firsters enjoy the experience of putting on a play while realizing how special it is that they get to share the message of the Gospel with their families, friends, and fellow students,” explains Laura Jensen, pre-first grade chair. “They worked so hard to memorize lines and learn songs and motions! I’m so impressed with the way they have put so much of their personalities into their roles.” 
Way to go pre-first fishers and evangelists!