Lower and middle school students celebrate Black History Month

Wesleyan students in middle school and lower school continued to celebrate Black History month during Pack Groups and Black History Heroes and Pioneers.  
During Pack Groups, fifth and sixth grade students researched an African American hero for a project titled, “Because of Them, I Can...” 

“The students in my Pack Group really enjoyed researching some of their favorite athletes who happen to be African American. I think this activity helped them appreciate the life stories of their favorite athletes who are now establishing legacies that impact students all across the world,” says Will Kimberlin, advancement associate. 

In seventh and eighth grade Pack Groups students learned about the Green Book Guide, a travel guide to help African Americans safely navigate travel routes during the Jim Crow Era.  

Lower school students joined in the celebration by participating in Black History Heros and Pioneers. They had the opportunity to hear from high school students who shared about various African American heroes and pioneers who broke racial barriers through civil rights sit-ins, sports, and music.  

Thank you, students, for your thoughtful considerations and honor for our African American brothers and sisters during this special month.