Christian life department offers an Ash Wednesday service for faculty and students

On Feb. 14, Wesleyan faculty and students were invited to attend an Ash Wednesday service.  
Brittany Coxhead ‘13, middle school Bible and English teacher, and Brooks Hanrahan, ninth grade boys chair, led a time of worship.  

Greg Lisson, director of Christian life delivered a message on Lent. Attendees were reminded that Lent is never an attempt at self-righteousness or self-salvation, but rather it is a season during which we embrace our own weakness, brokenness, and need for repentance. Attendees were invited to receive ashes on the forehead as a tangible reminder of both our physical mortality and our eternal hope. 

“We begin Lent with an Ash Wednesday service in order to remind us of three incredibly important truths: we are mortal, we are sinners, and we belong to Jesus,” explains Lisson. 

Lent offers Christians opportunity to put our faith into practice by engaging in spiritual disciplines like fasting, prayer, confession, and worship.  

“The goal of all these practices in simply to surrender our lives to God – our schedules, our food, our minds, our energy, our desires – so that God has space to work.” 

Thank you to those who attended and entered reflection on the gravity of Lent and the coming joy of Easter.