Faculty and students continue to celebrate Black History Month at chapel

On Feb. 15, faculty and students continued to celebrate Black History Month in middle and high school chapel.  
Chapel began with Adonnis Jules, high school diversity coordinator and Bible teacher, reading the poem “New Day’s Lyric” by Amanda Gorman, an American poet and activist. The poem expresses a desire for people to put aside their differences and come together as one to pursue healing and unity.  
Michael Cornelius ‘08, middle school math teacher, recounted his Wesleyan experience as a minority student. He vulnerably explained some of the pressures and challenges he faced and credited Wesleyan’s faculty and community for helping him grow through those challenges.  
“I would not trade my experience at Wesleyan for anything in the world,” explains Cornelius. “It grew me, made me stronger, and prepared me for life. There were teachers that were committed to loving and caring for me. I felt seen in an intimate and intentional way.”  
Cornelius encouraged students to seek to listen and understand one another’s experiences as they build community, which is the Christian life theme for the month.  
“Do not let stereotypes rule your perceptions, but rather go after the heart,” he explained.  
To close the service, Brianna Gloster, dance teacher, performed a worship dance.   
Thank you, faculty and students, for a wonderful chapel.