Third grade students perform a play on fruits of the Spirit

On Wednesday, Jan. 31, third grade students performed a three-part play about the fruits of the Spirit.  
Ms. Loftis’ class performed “the Quiltmaker’s Gift,” adapted from a book by Jeff Brumbeau that demonstrates how giving a little love can go a long way. The quiltmaker helps a greedy king find happiness and joy only after he gives away all his possessions.  
Mrs. Thomas’ class performed “Best of All,” which is adapted from a book by Max Lucado. A wooden puppet named Punchinello struggles to fit in because he is carved from willow, a tree considered inferior by others. He comes to realize the goodness of God and His perfect plans for our life.  
Mrs. Hall’s class performed “We Love You, Mr. Hatch” adapted from “Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch” by Eileen Spinelli. Mr. Hatch leads a lonely life until a simple, unexpected gift arrives. After meeting new people and making friends, he finds his inner goodness and sees the fullness of God’s promises to us. 
“I have seen students grow by conquering their fears and shining on stage. Our hope is that students see the value of a group effort and the importance of living the fruits of the Spirit in all we do,” explains Kristine Hall, third grade teacher. 

Great job, third grade students!