Mission trip teams bond on the Missions Retreat

Over the weekend, students and faculty serving on mission trips during spring break bonded on the overnight Missions Retreat. The overall purpose of the retreat is to have designated team-building time. Students and faculty get to know one another on a deeper level by sharing their faith journey.
“Some students are seeking out what Jesus is all about, while others are deeply rooted in their faith. We want all students to be affirmed wherever they are and challenged to think more deeply about their faith and purpose,” explains Jen Sheppard, assistant director of Christian life: missions and retreats.  
“The kids all came prepared with some written notes and spoke from the heart. The others were very respectful listeners. A common theme was their desire to lean on God in times of trouble,” reflects Meg Brooks, testing coordinator. 
After spending all day Saturday and Saturday night with their team, each team attended a service at Wesleyan on Sunday morning. The service began with worship, and various faculty members shared messages focusing on the Christian life themes for the months leading up to the trip.  
Ann Cousins, communications director, delivered a message on simplicity, which is January’s theme. She spoke on the simplest and shortest verse in the Bible that says, “Jesus Wept” (John 11:35). She taught that rather than rushing or dismissing Mary’s grief, Jesus sat and grieved with her, and she encouraged students to do the same with others. Michael Cornelius ‘08 spoke on February’s theme of community. As a Wesleyan alumni, he spoke of the importance of the role that the Wesleyan community had on his relationship with Jesus and encouraged students to be in community. Finally, Franklin Pridgen, social sciences teacher, spoke on March’s theme of evangelism. He challenged students by explaining they are all evangelists with different gifts. He encouraged students to use their gifts by shining the love of Jesus. 
Thank you, students and faculty, for making this a wonderful weekend!