Guided study hall students set SMART goals using Flint AI

High school students in Mrs. Peebles’ guided study hall class are using Flint AI to craft SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals for the semester.  
Flint AI is a generative AI model that allows teachers to teach content to their classes in a safe and equitable way. Peebles instructed Flint AI to start with a question on whether students know what a SMART goal is. If not, it walks them through the definition and prompts them to create their own. As students chat with Flint, if they do not verbalize all the criteria for the SMART goals, the chat feature gives them ideas to consider and helps them by identifying a potential final goal. 

Learning to set goals is not only a timely topic for the beginning of the semester, it is also a lifelong skill that students can apply across a variety of disciplines. Goal-setting often leads to a planning process that many students find challenging. Guided study hall equips students to overcome some of those challenges. 

Guided study hall is a fee-based class that serves students who struggle with organization, planning and prioritizing, and time management by providing planner check-ins, structuring productive work and break times, and helping students set short-term goals like these SMART goals.

“The day-to-day conversations I have with students are my favorite,” explains Sarah Peebles, high school learning specialist. “I get the unique opportunity to walk through their schedule with them, look at each of their classes, determine any assignments or assessments they have coming up, and help them plan out time to complete the task or backward plan their studying.” 

To learn more about guided study hall, reach out to Karyn Vickery, director of academic support.