High school students travel to West Virginia for the Christian Life Ski Retreat

More than 25 high school students spent their weekend in Winterplace, West Virginia for the Christian Life Ski Retreat. Stepping away from campus for a few nights allowed students to prioritize building community with their peers and faculty members who volunteered to go on the retreat.  
“The purpose of the ski retreat is to create a space for students to relax, laugh, have fun, possibly try a new activity, and to get to know peers and teacher chaperones better. We also share nightly devotions in hopes of bringing our focus back to Jesus,” reflects Jen Sheppard, assistant director of Christian life: missions and retreats. 

During the trip, the students enjoyed devotions led by faculty members, and through skiing, snowboarding, or playing games in the cabin, students were encouraged to learn more about the fulfillment of embodied, relational fun as compared to disembodied entertainment (as mentioned in the recent Wesleyan magazine). 

One of the reasons I volunteered to go on the ski retreat was because of the unique and special opportunity to connect with students and coworkers outside of the classroom,” explains Nicole Scalf, high school math teacher. “Having the chance to spend time with students while doing an activity that interests them contributes to a more positive and supportive classroom experience by fostering a stronger teacher-student relationship.” 
Thank you, high school students, for a lovely, fun-filled weekend!