Middle school students create gingerbread churches

From Monday, Dec. 11 to Wednesday, Dec. 13, the halls were decked with gingerbread houses made by middle school art students. This is a favorite tradition for Wesleyan visual arts, and this year’s gingerbread theme “Foundation of our Faith, the Church” aligns with the Christian life theme of “Foundations.”  
Seventh and eighth grade students learned about various styles of architecture, including classical, Romanesque, gothic, byzantine, baroque, rococo, modern, neo-classical, and renaissance. Students then created their own gingerbread church based on one of the architectural styles studied or modeled after an existing church or cathedral. 

Students first designed models of their creations so the laser cutter could precisely trim their cardboard supplies. Next, they built the cardboard structures and covered them in graham crackers, and finally, they decorated their houses with icing and other candies.  

The completed gingerbread creations were on display in Wesley Hall, and all visitors and middle school students enjoyed admiring their creativity. The houses will be donated to assisted living homes and local charities to continue spreading Christmas cheer around metro-Atlanta for the remainder of the Christmas season.  

“Altogether, 28 houses are being donated to charitable organizations around the city,” smiles Kristie Onorato, visual arts teacher. 

Thank you, middle school students, for spreading Christmas cheer with your artistic abilities!