Christian life mission trip teams bond at their first team meeting

On Monday, Nov. 27, Wesleyan’s mission trip teams had their first team meeting where they enjoyed dinner, fun activities, and vision-casting about their hopes for Spring Break. 
The Christian life team works extremely hard to facilitate bonds and relationships among team members so they can most effectively serve the people they are committed to caring for on Spring Break. 

“While our icebreaker was fun, two parts of our meeting really stood out to me,” explains Joseph Antonio, middle school principal, who will be serving as a leader on the Guatemala mission trip. “Hearing from students about why they chose to go on a trip was really special. Our students were so genuine and thoughtful.” 

Antonio also described a meaningful discussion his team had about the book “Helping Without Hurting” led by four students on his team who are taking the Spanish/Bible practicum class.
“We are joining with God’s work that He is already doing in Guatemala,” reflects Antonio. 

Thank you to all the mission trip teams for the ways you are connecting, encouraging, and hoping. We are excited to see each team’s bond continued to be strengthened for the purpose of effectively serving others.