Kindergarten students capture the wonder of the first Christmas

To kick off the beginning of Advent and prepare to celebrate Christ’s birth, kindergarten students performed “The First Christmas,” a tradition that began at Wesleyan in 1987.  
Ellis Pait ‘36, Parker Mercado ‘36, Cassie Carpenter ‘36, Luke Lee ‘36, Dorothy Ferreri ‘36, and Avery Black ‘36 beautifully narrated the story of Jesus being born in a manger. Students sang that there was “no room” in the inn for Mary, Jospeh, and their donkey played by Lilly Boron ‘36, Jospeh Tablada ‘36, and Woody Phillips ‘36, respectively. 

After Jesus’s birth, the three wise men, played by Noah Song ‘36, Taj Ward ‘36, and Nolan Henry ‘36, presented gold, frankincense, and myrrh to baby Jesus.  

Also featured in the play were inn keepers, shepherds, mice, sheep, cows, doves, camels, and angels.  

Thank you, kindergarten students and teachers, for your hard work preparing to share this very important story of Christmas.