Fourth grade students lead the charge in celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Over the month of November, fourth grade students have been leading the charge in celebrating Native American Heritage Month.  
“Fourth grade is learning about the many different cultures included in Native American heritage as part of Wesleyan’s GRACE model (Gender, Race (Ethnicity), Age and Abilities, Culture, and Economic Status).
Recently, students took a field trip to learn specifically about the Cherokee people and how their culture has changed over time,” explains Emma Grace Burns, fourth grade chair.

Students designed bulletin board displays for other lower school students to engage with to learn about Native American history. Included on the display is information about the seven Native American cultural regions in the 1400s before European explorers came to the Americas.  

While learning about this special group of people, the hope is that lower school students would see firsthand that unique culture is a gift from God. 

Thank you, fourth grade students, for sharing your knowledge!