Lower school students perform the "Traditions of Thanks" program

On Wednesday, Nov. 15, lower school students performed the beloved “Traditions of Thanks” program. Lisa McNearney, lower school music director, and Jenn Jordan, lower and middle school drama director, directed the show in which all lower school students played a part.  
Students celebrated the many ways giving thanks is observed around the world, examining gratitude traditions in China, Ghana, and Germany. Fourth grade students performed a Chinese folk song “Silver Moon Boat” in honor of the Moon Festival, a traditional, Chinese harvest festival where families gather to appreciate the full moon. Second grade students sang the Ghanian folk song “Tue, Tue” in honor of the Homowo Festival. Third grade students performed a German folk dance called “Man in the Hay.” Students described how Germans celebrate the end of harvest by giving thanks for the season.  

During the performance, students celebrated and acknowledged some of their favorite Thanksgiving traditions including: 
  • Nana and Grandpa visiting. 
  • Having a feast and eating potatoes. 
  • And helping their parents cook. 
At the end of the program, students gave thanks for the “bold, brave, stubborn, and smart” Sarah Josepha Hale who launched a campaign to establish Thanksgiving as a national holiday in the United States.  

Thank you, lower school students, for a wonderful show and the beautiful reminder of the importance of gratitude.