Christian life missions teams attend their first meeting

On Monday, Nov. 6, Wesleyan’s Christian life mission trip teams attended their first parent and student meeting.  
The meeting began with all students, parents, and leaders meeting in Austin Chapel. Jen Sheppard, assistant director of Christian life: missions and retreats, introduced the heart of the program. She discussed the importance of the leaders and explained the Managed Missions platform, a mission trip management software. Greg Lisson, director of Christian life, discussed the fundraising process. 
Afterwards, each team split off into different classrooms to get to know their leaders and team members better. Leaders gave a general overview of each trip and explained what to expect in future meetings. 
“My hope is that students got a long-term vision and understanding of the missions program. This is not just about a week in March, rather an entire season. We are preparing our hearts now for what God will do over the next few months,” reflects Sheppard. 
Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting. We pray you remain hopeful and expectant of all the Lord will do through Wesleyan’s missions program this year.