Wesleyan students are invited to study in the Governor's Honors Program

Wesleyan School is pleased to announce that Elizabeth Tian '24, Tengle Wang '24, Papa Ohemeng Mensah '24, and Norah Mukana '25 have been invited to study in the prestigious Georgia Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro this June and July. 
“At GHP, these students will be provided with academic, cultural, and social enrichments in a community of like-minded individuals from throughout the state,” said Ken Connor, director of college advising. “The program will help them become better critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders.”

GHP offers eleven majors that are characterized as either academic or performing arts majors. This summer, Tian will major in visual arts, Wang will focus on science with a concentration on biology/environmental science, and Ohemeng Mensah will be concentrating on computer science. Mukana has chosen theatre performance for her focus. Over four weeks, these students will spend four to six hours Monday-Saturday in the classroom for their major area of study. In the afternoons, students will spend two hours learning about their electives.  

The Governor’s Honors Program offers students a fully funded learning opportunity by the state with no cost to attendees beyond travel. Over 3,200 students were nominated to the state level competition and less than 20 percent were chosen to be finalists in this prestigious program.  

Congratulations, Wolves!