Wesleyan hosts the 14th Annual Visual Art Exhibit

Thursday, March 30, marked the opening of the 14th Annual Visual Art Exhibit at Wesleyan School. 
The exhibit features work from middle and high school visual arts students, and AP Art students have a special showcase in the middle hallway to display their portfolio of work from the school year. 

“We display curricular artwork that showcases what the students learn in art class. We love to showcase it all! From conceptual pieces to technical pieces, it is all important to show,” explains Meagan Brooker, assistant director of fine arts and high school visual arts teacher. 

The week leading up to the show, the Wesleyan community comes together to ensure all preparations have been made to make the opening night a success. Students help teachers mat, label, and display work around the fine arts building. Parents also come and help teachers hang student art and bring refreshments for the opening, and the facilities team sets up panels and tables for the show.  

“We have so many talented and creative individuals at our school and the art show is our way to highlight and celebrate them,” says Meagan Brooker, assistant director of fine arts. 

The Visual Art Exhibit is in Cole Hall, formerly known as the fine arts building, and will be open until April 25. 

Thank you to all who attended opening night to celebrate all the students who have worked so hard on their works of art throughout the year.