Middleton ‘16 speaks on Christian life theme “respond”

Wesleyan School alumni Chris Middleton ‘16 returned to campus to speak on the Christian life theme “respond” in middle school chapel. Middleton reminded students that it is possible to be in the presence of glory and completely miss it.  
He shared Luke 17:11-29 where Jesus heals ten men with leprosy.  

“Nine of them miss it,” explained Middleton. “Only one leper responds by going back to Jesus, falling at his feet, and worshipping Him.”  

Middleton reflected on what it was like for him as a Wesleyan student. He remembered sitting in the very seats in Austin Chapel, attending Bible studies, and going on mission trips. He urged students to acknowledge that it is possible to do all these things and to be in the presence of glory yet miss Christ’s invitation to be in a lifelong relationship with Him.  

“What does it look like for you to respond to who God is? I don’t want you to go through Wesleyan School and miss it,” reflected Middleton. 

Thank you, Chris, for returning to campus to remind our students of the importance of responding to the beauty of who Christ is by surrendering to Him, loving Him in deeper ways, and pursuing a personal relationship with Him.