Ted Russell explains historical context for "The Sound of Music"

On Thursday, March 2, Ted Russell, social sciences department chair, attended the Wolf Jr. Players rehearsal for their upcoming production of “The Sound of Music.” 
“The Sound of Music” is a beloved classic worldwide, and the show is also a beautiful example of God’s plan for our lives. 

“It is a blessing to have the opportunity to discuss the ways in which our Father’s guiding hand is evident in the story of the Von Trapp family and in our own lives,” reflects Jenn Jordan, lower and middle school theatre director.  

The play is set in Austria in 1939, the time during which Naziism was present in Germany. Jordan and Meg Foster, director of fine arts, have been working closely with administration, the director of diversity, and the social sciences department to ensure an appropriate education of the difficult historical material present in the play.  

When Russell joined rehearsal, he took great care to explain the historical accuracies and inaccuracies of the production. As Russell addressed the sensitive topic of the Holocaust from an educational and age-appropriate standpoint, he used the Von Trapps' story to urge students to stand strong in their convictions even during difficult times. 

“Our goal was to provide context for the challenges faced by the Von Trapp family in the face of evil,” states Russell. “As these students go through life, they will be forced to make some tough decisions. It is important for them to stand strong in their faith and to do the right thing.” 

“As Christians, we know that pursuing that which is righteous requires that we openly name that which is evil. While we will not ‘gloss over’ difficult material, we will not give it undue power by dwelling on it,” states Jordan. 

The Wolf Jr. Players will perform their rendition of the Sound of Music on April 27, April 28, and April 29 in Powell Theater. Tickets will be available following Easter break.