More than 40 high school students participate in sports medicine program

During the 2022-2023 school year, Wesleyan had more than 40 students serve varsity sports teams by participating in the sports medicine program. 
Students who participate in the sports medicine program can earn a varsity letter if they attend 80% of practices and home games. Those who earn a varsity letter can qualify for Iron Wolf, an award given to students who participate in three seasons of after school activities. Students can also choose to participate in the program part-time. 

Many students who participate are interested in careers as health providers, and participating in the sports medicine program gives them hands-on experience needed to thrive. 

"This sports medicine offering completely gives them a hands-on approach to the medical field. Once any student turns 18, they can shadow a local sports medicine doctor. When they aren’t busy helping athletes get ready for a game, the students are doing labs,” says John Barresse, head athletic trainer. 

After school and before practices and competitions, the students in the sports medicine students program work with about 40 athletes in an hour by tending to their pre-practice and pre-game needs. They may be administering shin split treatments or guiding athletes through stretches. 

“I started the program to try a new extracurricular, and I’ll be leaving it as a senior this May with lots of life lessons, amazing friends, and some really cool knowledge about sports injuries,” reflects senior Ireland Riley. 

Thank you, sports medicine program, for supporting our student athletes and keeping them healthy!